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MTV’s cyber thriller Eye Candy aired for just one season in 2015 and here’s why the show was cancelled and didn’t return for a second season.

Here’s why MTV show Eye Candy was cancelled after one season. Eye Candy is based on the 2004 R.L. Stine book of the same name, which is just one of a handful of novels the Goosebumps author penned with an older audience in mind. The series was adapted by writer-director Christian Taylor, whose other TV work includes Teen Wolf and Luke Cage and it featured Victoria Justice in her first main role since her four-season stint on Nickelodeon’s Victorious came to an end.

Justice plays the lead role of Lindy Sampson – a 21-year-old tech whiz and hacker living in New York and searching for her younger sister Sara (Jordyn DiNatale) who was abducted a few years earlier. After her roommate Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) encourages Lindy to try online dating, her life only gets more complicated when she attracts the attention of a serial killer who uses a Tinder-like dating app named Flirtual to stalk victims. Together with a band of fellow cyber vigilantes, Lindy sets out to track down the murderer (appropriately dubbed the “Flirtual Killer”) using her hacking skills.

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Unfortunately, MTV decided to cancel Eye Candy after it aired just one ten-episode season in 2015. But why did the show have such a short run? Here’s everything we know about why Eye Candy didn’t get a second season.

Victoria Justice Announced Eye Candy’s Cancellation

Just a month after the Eye Candy season 1 finale aired, Victoria Justice took to Twitter to let the crime thriller’s fans know the show had been cancelled. In her emotional tweet, Justice confirmed Eye Candy would not be returning for a second season and thanked fans, her character Lindy Sampson and her cast and crewmates. Neither Victoria Justice nor MTV gave a specific reason as to why Eye Candy was cancelled although it’s likely poor reviews and lackluster viewing figures were to blame. While Eye Candy earned itself a dedicated fan base during its short run, it only averaged around 592,000 viewers during its first season.

Eye Candy’s Season 1 Cliffhanger Won’t Get A Resolution

While Eye Candy’s season 1 finale offered fans some closure by revealing the identity of the Flirtual Killer, there’s one plotline that won’t get a resolution – the ongoing mystery of what happened to Lindy’s kidnapped sister. At the end of season 1, Lindy discovered her sister Sara was alive and staged her own disappearance to keep Lindy safe for some reason.

In an interview with TVLine shortly after the Eye Candy season 1 finale, Christian Taylor teased the Sara plot twist would be addressed next season which would feature “a big conspiracy.” Unfortunately, since Eye Candy was cancelled and won’t be getting a season 2, fans will never learn what that big conspiracy was.

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