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It’s exciting and confusing, and now it has a name: the turbo relationship. Turbo relationships describe those that started in or just before lockdown and have accelerated in this unusual situation. This could be a couple who have hardly spent any in-person time together, feeling like they’re in a relationship despite having only met a couple of times. Or, it could describe a couple who isolated together despite having only been dating for a short period of time and have gone from a few dates to a serious, live-in relationship.

Amy Collins is in this position. She met someone on a dating app just before lockdown and squeezed in one real-life date with them before the announcement. Since then, the pair have mostly spoken on the phone and yet, she would now consider him her boyfriend.

Speaking to stylist.co.uk, she explains: “I think my relationship would be considered ‘turbo’ because it blossomed over lockdown. Even though it’s been a few months of talking/getting to know each other it feels like the relationship has developed really quickly into something official and, dare I say it, serious? 

“Which is strange because all we’ve really had to go on is nightly, hours-long phone calls, a couple of very cute video dates and socially distanced walks in the park to confirm that we feel something for each other.”

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