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In an article for BuzzFeed on April 13,

26-year-old Julia Moser described how the man

she had been dating — whom she called “Josh” — .

unexpectedly ended things

with her over a video call.

The two had started dating

before the global health

crisis took place.

“I went on three perfect dates with him before the coronavirus outbreak shuttered our plans,” she recalled.

Though she and Josh had plans

to still meet, there were concerns

about contracting the coronavirus.

So, instead, Moser and Josh had virtual dates — they FaceTimed and connected on Zoom

over the following two months.

Yet, things took a turn for the worse when Josh texted Moser one day and asked if she was free to talk on Zoom.

Perhaps more embarrassing was that the internet connection was flimsy when he finally broke the news to her that he wanted to end things.

“He was honest and forthright, it was an incredibly decent thing for him to do, and I am miserable,” she wrote. “There is no easy way around it”.

She admitted that she took comfort in the fact that Josh was honest about his reason for ending their “relationship” (he had apparently just gotten out of a seven-year relationship).

Upon its publication, Moser’s story drew

mixed reactions from readers, with some

accusing her of being self-indulgent

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