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A NSW woman has traded Tinder for Bunnings, filming her trip to the hardware store to find herself a husband. Video / Leesh Cunningham via TikTok

The single woman whose video showing her quest to “find a husband” at Bunnings went viral has shared some of the wild responses she’s had from men in the days that have followed.

NSW local Leesh Cunningham shared a two-part video of her unorthodox mission on TikTok that sees her wandering the aisles of the hardware store clutching a sign that reads: “Wanted!!! Looking for a husband! Can you help?”

At one point Cunningham – who said she’d given up on dating apps – even asks a Bunnings employee if they had any men left in stock.

Despite having zero luck in store, Cunningham has revealed she’s been inundated with offers since her video, many of which have been X-rated.

“My DMs [direct messages] have absolutely been blowing up, I’ve honestly lost count,” she told news.com.au.

“So many weirdos too and they’re all over confident 50+ year olds so no luck so far.”

One hopeful bloke sent Cunningham a message offering a “happy ending” to her quest – an X-rated suggestion that seems to have left people online seriously unimpressed, branding it “pathetic” and cringe-worthy”.

“Your Bunnings videos are hilarious. If you want to make one with a happy ending (you found your Christmas wish), I would be happy and honoured to play the part,” he wrote.

Others saw the funny side and cheekily suggested she try Bunnings rival Mitre 10 to find a man.

Cunningham’s first video didn’t go viral, but her second clip – which was shared on December 6 – blew up and has clocked up more than 147,000 followers since it was posted.

“So, I’ve given up on Tinder and online dating and I’ve gone for a more traditional approach … I’ve come to Bunnings to find a husband,” she says in the clip.

After making her way down each aisle [which any woman who’s been forced to Bunnings on a weekend by an overzealous dad or boyfriend can attest is quite the workout], Cunningham gives up, adding she “must have picked a bad day”.

A woman’s search for a husband at Bunnings has taken a slightly creepy turn. Photo / Supplied

She gave it another crack a few days later, this time with a stack of flyers (listing a series of phone numbers) in hand.

When a worthy bachelor still failed to present himself, Cunningham turned to an employee for assistance.

“I’m just looking for a husband and was told you guys had them here,” she says to the staff member.

“They’re flying off the shelf, if we have any they’ll be in the back corner on the left,” the Bunnings worker responded.

When Cunningham raced to the aforementioned back corner, however, she found herself alone again.

The hilarious videos have been flooded with wise words of advice and encouragement from other women – including to get to the store “between 6-8am and 5-9pm, that’s when the tradies get their supplies”.

“Don’t give up, I got a man from there, he’s alright,” another wrote.

“Usually the good ones appear in the sausage sizzle line,” someone else joked.

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