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Online dating can be a bit of a minefield, as one woman discovered when she was recommended her own brother on a dating app.

Brooke Averick was spending time with her family in Haverford, Pennsylvania, when she revealed that her ‘most compatible’ on Hinge had been updated.

In a clip shared online, Brooke showed off her ‘match’, saying: “Something I’m thankful for is that my most compatible on Hinge has just been updated.

“Here he is – super cute, if you ask me… Brooke and Noah, we think you should meet.

“And we agree, we’re already spending Thanksgiving together and it’s going well.

“Let me show you – here he is. The fact of the matter is, he’s my brother and it’s for that reason we will be suing Hinge.”

The clip ends with Brooke running away from her date/brother Noah as he jokingly leans in for a kiss.

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Urszula Makowska from Brooklyn, New York, let her pals choose her dates for her and then shared the resulting meet-ups on Instagram Live.

Urszula said: “Most of us are quarantined and swiping on our dating apps. Being the only single one out of my squad, my girls and I decided to create a fun social dating experiment using my Hinge account.

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“I don’t know my date’s name, what he looks like or really anything about him until our first date in front of a live audience on my Instagram.

“There are twists during the live and ultimately the audience decides if there will be a second date.

“This is not only entertaining but a great way for me to meet someone that may end up being my partner, learn more about myself, help others learn more about themselves and also promote the importance of staying home at this time due to the circumstances.”

To add an even more unusual twist to an already pretty bizarre situation, Urszula’s dates were watched over by relationship expert Karolina Kolowska, who was on hand to offer advice.

Karolina said: “As a dating coach, I look at the psychological compatibility – if the person is extroverted or introverted, seems to be loud or quiet, emotionally available, mentally healthy and focused, outdoorsy or a homebody type.

“I look at their common interests and differences. I check their professional and evaluate their social media profiles to determine whether their life’s mission would be considered interesting/attractive by Urszula.”

I wonder what she’d make of Brooke and Noah’s match?

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