#onlinedating | ‘You can actually meet someone at home:’ Pandemic forces singles to meet potential mates through online dating | #bumble | #tinder | #pof

The pandemic has changed the way a lot of people live their
life, including the way they date.

Dating coach and matchmaker Cher Gopman with NYC Wingwoman
tells News 12 that she has noticed people wanting to settle down faster, but
how they are dating is different.

“A lot of people used to steer away from online dating
because they said, ‘Oh, everybody is looking just to hook up online,’” Gopman says. “But now actually more than
ever people are turning to online dating hoping to meet a potential match.”

She says this has led to more communication and less people
getting stood up for dates because possible mates are talking on the phone or
having Facetime dates.

Gopman says virtual dates can still be really fun, and the
pandemic has allowed people to find love at their own house.

“This is the only time that I would ever tell someone that
you can actually meet someone at home,” Gopman says.

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