#onlinedting | Celebs Go Dating’s Nadia Essex thought morning sickness was CANCER before realising she was nine weeks pregnant

Nadia Essex thought that morning sickness was cancer before she found out she was nine weeks pregnant.

Earlier this month the former Celebs Go Dating star revealed that she was pregnant with her first child, after being told she had less than one percent chance of conceiving by doctors.


Celebs Go Dating’s Nadia Essex thought morning sickness was CANCER before realising she was nine weeks pregnantCredit: Instagram

The dating expert, 37 booked an appointment with her doctor after feeling extremely unwell – thinking that the best case scenario would be anaemia and worst case scenario would be cancer.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online at the Dense Hair Club launch party, Nadia said: “The reason I found out I was pregnant was because I thought I had cancer.

“I was so ill I thought I had cancer and that’s why I booked the doctors appointment, because I was like: there is something seriously wrong.”

After speaking to her friends about her experience who have also been pregnant, it became clear that her unexpected pregnancy was the reason why she felt so unwell.


Due to being so unwell, Nadia hasn’t been able to let the good news sink inCredit: Splash News

The 37-year-old went on to tell The Sun Online that her first few weeks of pregnancy have not been easy, meaning that she hasn’t been able to organise or plan anything for her new arrival.

“Because I’ve been so poorly I haven’t even had a chance to do anything and let it really sink in, but now I’m starting to feel a bit better.”

She added: “I had to go to the doctors to get anti-sickness tablets because I’ve been very very ill, but hopefully I’ve passed the worst of it now so fingers crossed.”

Having been bed bound for 70 percent of the time and trying to keep down as much food as she can, the star can’t wait to finally start enjoying her pregnancy.


The star admitted that if she had a 9-5 job she’s be sacked because of how tired she now getsCredit: Instagram

Speaking of the moment she was told the good news, Nadia admitted that she burst into laughter because of the initial shock, considering she had used a condom.

“We used a condom, we were really careful, I’d been on the pill for years.

“Yeah, we were really really careful and so it was literally a shock because no one talks about it.

“Even my doctor was like did you wear a condom? He was like did it slip? And I was like no? And he was scratching his head!”


Nadia will be bringing up her “miracle” baby as a single mum as the father lives in AmericaCredit: Getty Images – Getty

She went on to tell The Sun Online that restraining herself from sex would have been the only thing she could have done if she wanted to change the outcome.

“I’m a grown woman, I wanted to have sex, we were careful, everyone wore what they were supposed to wear, we did everything that we were supposed to do and one of those little suckers got through.

“So I was fine with it, I was like okay, lets do this, it’s meant to be.”

Nadia is excited about her new journey as a single mum as it will allow her to feel in control of her baby, which she is relieved about, confessing that she is “a bit of a control freak.”


Nadia is now at the biggest she’s ever been and is starting to struggle with outfitsCredit: Instagram

Despite being so unwell, the love guru has had the chance to think about the birthing plan options – with hypnobirthing as a strong contender.

“Well people keep talking about something called hypnobirth. I don’t know what it is, but my midwife was like it’s up your street.

“So I’ve started meditation, like chanting so that the baby gets used to soothing meditation.
“So yeah, calm as possible, but as long as I get through it, and they get through it, I’ll be very happy,” she said.


Nadia has come to really admire what other mums go through during pregnancy due to feeling so unwellCredit: Instagram

When asked about if she would prefer a boy or a girl, the mum-to-be revealed that she will definitely find out the sex of her baby – and would love to have a baby girl.

“My mum keeps telling me off for saying it, she said you can’t say that and you should be happy with a happy, healthy baby.

“I was like yeah yeah yeah but if I had a choice, then I’d pick a girl! Of course, I’ll be happy with whatever it is, a happy healthy baby.

“But yeah, I want a little girl, I love girls! Do you know what I love women even more now being pregnant.”

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