#onlinedting | If Someone Wants To See You Again, You’ll See These 4 Dating Behaviors

Arguably the clearest sign that your date wants to see you again is that they say so. This can mean that they talk about the things they want to do with you in the future, says Barrett. “If they talk about future activities you might do together, they’re basically saying, ‘Let’s go out again!’ And if they’d agreed to meet for ‘a quick drink’ and it becomes a three-hour night out, that’s a great sign that they want to see you again. Time investment equals interest,” he explains.

Or they may let you know at the end of the date that they want to get together again. “If they tell you outright that they’d like to see you again, and specifically ask you out for a second date, you’ve just won the dating lottery. Remember, the goal of a first date is to see if you click and have enough in common to get to a second date,” says Spira.

While these clues are all helpful in knowing how your date feels about meeting up again, it’s also good to do a little gut check and poll yourself to see if that’s something you want, too. After all, life is too short to go on dates that you’re not really into either. Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts.

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