#onlinedting | Local designer, Frank Cazares is a finalist in toilet paper wedding dress contest

Local designer, Frank Cazares is a final

Who would’ve known the endless possibilities for a roll of toilet paper.

One man from Palm Springs is making the most out of a roll by turning it into a couture wedding gown. Eye on the Desert’s Caitlin Thropay met the man behind the masterpiece. 

“Anything is possible even with one sheet of toilet paper,”  local costume designer, Frank Cazares told News Channel 3. He finished in the top 12 of the 2019 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress competition in New York.

“For this year’s toilet paper wedding dress I used 112 rolls of Quilted Northern toilet paper. My dress took 600 plus hours from beginning to end. I also incorporated vintage toilet paper that I purchased online dating back to the 1960s and I used over 41,000 sheets,” he said. 

He made the 10 foot-wide wedding dress in the kitchen and living room of his own home in Palm Springs. 

“I wanted to create a larger than life couture dress,” he said. 

Contest rules say you can only use glue, thread, tape and toilet paper to create your masterpiece.

“This year’s dress was inspired by one of my first visits to New York City. I love museums and the first time I walked into The Met they had an exhibit called Anglomania and it was all these beautiful florals and pastel colors that spoke to me,” he said. 

Cazares tells us how it all started for him as a designer. 

“As a child I was always drawn to the movies and drawn to the art, the Wizard of Oz being one of my favorite movies. I just love the colors, the creativity and that’s kind of what started me in the design world,” he shared. 

It was his middle school teacher that found this contest on an ad online. 

“She said, ‘oh my god, frank, you have to try this out!’ and she said, ‘I know you’re going to be great,’ so that’s the first time I entered,” he said. 

It wasn’t always easy working as a designer. 

“As an artist we all struggle and at one point I was living out of my car and couch surfing just trying to make ends meet and this contest has given me a lot of strength, determination and a purpose in life and a reason to get up and be creative,” he said. 

Since entering his first toilet paper wedding dress contest, six years ago, he’s placed top 10 five times. 

As for next year’s entry, he remained tight lip, only giving us one hint.

“Next year will be another big creation as well,” he said. 

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