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Dating scenes have gone for a toss ever since the Covid-19 pandemic forced us all to stay home, with restrictions imposed globally. As the world is returning back to normal steadily, desperate singles are hoping to have some good time soon by bagging themselves a date. However, a British man just landed himself in trouble when he sent the same text to 14 women he had previously matched with on dating site Bumble. The man accidentally ended up making a group chat of all women who, glad to be introduced to one another, slammed him and called him a ‘loser.’

The hilarious screenshots of the text message thread were shared by an Instagram user, where the man -with s username ‘British Will’ — addresses the women as ‘Hey Stranger!’ telling them that they had matched with him on Bumble last year, but couldn’t meet due to Covid. He also asked them if they were still single, as he had arrived back in the city.

What followed was a priceless conversation when hysterical replies came pouring in as women didn’t miss the golden chance to pick him apart.

The first woman waved him a Goodbye and asked if he just texted 14 girls at once. Others joined forces and took the opportunity to bond while insulting the British Will’s desperate attempt at winning them over. One of the women told him to “respectfully suck a d***,”while another shared that she went on a date with him and “he def catfished…just FYI.”

One of the ladies dropped her Instagram username and invited other women to enjoy on her rooftop, promising them to have more “fun than with this loser.”

Will tried to play it cool when he realised his mistake, but the women wouldn’t have it and shared their individual catfish experiences with Will. As more catfishing stories were out in the open, Will sheepishly exited the group, followed by a wholesome conversation as women stated how happy they were to have met each other.

After some time, the group’s name was changed to ‘British Wills Angels’ and the newly met strangers thanked the man for connecting them. The said Instagram post blew up with tons of comments and over 85,000 likes, including one from the official handle of Bumble.

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