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Pritika Mathur, 26, Social media manager

Pritika spends two hours checking her matches on Hinge every day

Why she might win? Pritika started her search a couple of months ago, and is also on dating apps like Bumble and Hinge. She spends two hours everyday to check her matches before sleeping. Plus, her near and dear ones are in the know too.

Why she may not? “My parents did mention shaadi before that but, during the lockdown, it’s become a task for them to find me a boy and now due to the current Covid situation, I’m focussing more on getting to know the person virtually,” says Pritika. She is in Nashik currently and has only set her range to Mumbai.

Prashant Varma, 27, IT analyst

Prashant doesn’t meet a girl if the conversation doesn’t hold
Prashant doesn’t meet a girl if the conversation doesn’t hold

Why he might win? Prashant activated his search about a year ago and is open to arranged marriage as well. Friends and family are looped in too.”I am not restricting myself to a particular app or source because we may find our soulmate from any source – it might be through Tinder as well!” grins Prashant.

Why he may not? “Since I’m working in an IT firm and weekdays are busy, I look at my matches during weekends only for some time,” he says. He is looking for someone who resides in India and does not meet a girl if he feels their conversation is not good enough over calls or social media.

Piyali Ghosh, 33, Programme manager

Piyali deleted Jeevansathi and may do the same with Bumble
Piyali deleted Jeevansathi and may do the same with Bumble

Why she might win? The thought of wanting to settle down popped up somewhere in 2019 and she has been at it since then. Piyali is on dating apps like Bumble as well as a matrimonial app, Jeevansathi. She has spread the word among family and friends. Piyali’s open to meeting boys from all cities in India as well as other countries.

Why she may not? She’s “moderately open” to meeting people. “I’m exhausted looking and have left it all on the Almighty!” she says. Piyali deleted her profile on Jeevansathi and plans to do the same with Bumble as she feels that she lacks patience.

And the winner is… Pritika Mathur

“Use friends, family & apps to find a match”

“Pritika wins this round because she seems to be using all her resources — family, friends and apps. She is consistent

on apps, and one bad experience has not stopped her from reaching out again. She’s clear about what she wants, narrowing her search to Mumbai; that is one thing that may go against her,” says therapist Peyush Bhatia, also a professional coach to TV stars and corporate honchos.

“Prashant Varma needs to be more consistent, patient and open to meeting people in person before giving up, while Piyali Ghosh needn’t have deleted her profile or left it all to God. You need to do your bit!”

My advice to singles:

“Stop acting needy, however badly you want the other person’s time and attention. Hold your head high, and your self-esteem higher!” says Peyush.

From HT Brunch, June 6, 2021

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