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A TikToker has shared an unsettling story to deter other women from leaving the table during a blind first date.

Sarah-Jay Pierce explained that she and her friend used to work at the same restaurant and when Sarah arrived to start her shift, her unnamed friend told her a “crazy story”.

Her friend served a table where a man and a woman were on a date earlier that day and she “could tell they were on a first date”. The woman was nervous and ordered a glass of wine.

Watch Sarah-Jay’s video below:

“As far as she [Sarah-Jay’s friend] knew the date seemed to be going well and the girl got up to go to the bathroom,” Sarah-Jay explains. “Right when my friend was meant to come over and bring the silverware she saw him put something in her wine.

“My friend, terrified and freaking out, let her manager know, who then let the police know, and ran into the bathroom to tell her what was going on.

“The girl ended up staying in the bathroom until the police came and arrested him and escorted him out of the building. It was noon on a Tuesday. You don’t think you’re gonna be drugged at noon on a Tuesday.”

Women took to the comments section to share their own similar stories involving drinks and first dates. One commenter said: “Worst date I ever had the guy kept insisting I needed to go to the bathroom. I didn’t. It wasn’t until this moment that I get why!”

Sarah-Jay shared the terrifying story on TikTok (Credit: sarahjaypierce/TikTok)

Another woman shared: “My mom was drugged with horse tranquilizers at our county’s fair. Thank God I found her or who knows what would’ve happened!”

A third said: “I went on a bumble date a long time ago and he ordered me a water before I got there and I didn’t drink it even though I was dying.”

While a fourth shared: “I was 17 when I had a guy put something in a drink he got me. I’ve never been trusting since.”

Other women shared tips on what to do if they have a drink on the table during a date and want to leave the table. One commenter said: “If you leave your drink unattended… its no longer your drink! Get a fresh one!”

“The trick is not to leave the table while there’s still drink in the cup… and if you must, make sure you get a new drink after you return,” another TikTok user wrote.

However, some women noted that once again the burden of preventing drink-spiking is with them rather than with the offender. One comment, which received more than 25,000 likes, said: “Sad we have to teach others not to leave their drunk alone rather than teach not to drug someone’s drink.”

Sarah-Jay's friend who worked as a waitress saw a man put
Sarah-Jay’s friend who worked as a waitress saw a man put

In related news, a new product which aims to prevent women’s drinks from being spiked during nights out left the internet divided.

The NightCap is a fabric lid disguised as a hair scrunchie for women to use to cover their drinks when they’re out at clubs, bars and parties. Though some women hailed it as a great invention, others have asked why such a product is needed at all.

“It’s so sad that this has to be a thing,” one person said.

Research by the BBC Radio 5 Live Investigations Unit carried out in 2019 found there were at least 2,650 reports of drink spiking in England Wales between 2015 and 2019 and 71 per cent of victims were women.

If you have been affected by this story, you can find help, advice and support from Rape Crisis here, or Women’s Aid here.

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