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Finding love is a task in itself, and the pandemic has made it challenging, to say the least. With social changes that required us to sit at home, quarantine seems to have sent Indians straight to the dating apps in search of intimacy. 

In the first wave, people lost the opportunity of running into their potential partners, whereas in the second wave, with the help of dating apps, those who are single are using the opportunity to get to know someone thoroughly before taking things forward offline. This helps save time, energy and resources.

Metrolife spoke with popular dating platforms in Bengaluru.

Real and Raw

The loss, longing, and loneliness in the lives of young people have accelerated a new normal in their dating intent, to find ways to connect more, come together and be more open on dating websites, says Papri Dev, senior director, Tinder.

“Users are more truthful and vulnerable about who they are, how they look, and what they’re going through,” she states.

She also mentions that Indian singles have also grown more self-aware and vocal about their expectations. Boundaries are increasingly becoming transparent
with phrases like “wear a mask”.

“I got Vaccinated!”

According to the Future of Dating report, people are readying to start getting out more as soon as vaccines are in place. As a matter of fact, vaccine mentions by users grew by 50 per cent in April 2021.

“Gen Z is actively using their bios to communicate and express themselves with reference to getting vaccinated,” says Papri. 

Members are using phrases such as “Let’s get the Covid Vaccine together” and “Will you hold my hand while I take my Covid vaccine?”. 

Virtual Dates

Samarpita Samaddar, communications director Bumble India, says that they have observed a 38 per cent rise in the use of video calls and voice chats with people spending roughly 20 minutes on average. 

Video dates are less anxious as compared to physical ones. “This kind of ‘slow dating’ is bringing forward conversations that may have happened over two or three physical dates,” she explains.

Users want to feel more secure before taking the relationship offline.

“Matches want to have fulfilled conversations that could lead to a new connection, and virtual dates are proving to be a great way” she adds.

Locked down and Lonely

It has been the busiest year in Tinder’s history witnessing a tremendous surge in activity. Conversations have become 32 per cent longer, 19 per cent more messages are exchanged in a day, and the app observed 11 per cent more swipes and 42 per cent more matches per Tinder member.

Why online dating?

According to the survey, singles see it as a low-pressure way to get a sense for someone. 68 per cent find it easier to make connections online, 67 per cent find it more liberating to meet new people online and 60 per cent feel less judged.

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