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Not going to lie, babe, spending a year in a lockdown has been hellish for many of our love lives. Don’t feel bad if things haven’t worked out exactly how you planned, because plagues aren’t exactly the most romantic of times. Congrats to those of you who fell in love or even got married in 2020—please write a book about how you did it. But for the rest of us, navigating the terrain of a new normal all by ourselves has been quite an adventure. Not that I’m hating on it—own your independence, bb! Let me pause for a special shoutout to those who had to experience a breakup or two during this annus horribilis (that’s “horrible year” in Latin).

If you’ve been having a tough time dating, try not to get too down in the dumps. One of the best times to manifest love in 2021 is happening from March 24-28. Babe, if you’re trying to find a bae, my advice is that you calendar your COVID-friendly dates for these days.

Here’s the lowdown: During these days, the planet of beauty and love, Venus, and the Sun will be performing a particularly hot tango through the sign of Aries. In astrological terms, the Sun and Venus will be in a tight conjunct, also called Venus Cazimi. Venus’ power will be super-charged by the Sun’s rays, making it a lot easier for real to recognize real. This should come as major relief for those who’ve felt a bit perplexed recently (blame the Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces).

In terms of love, the end of winter gave us quite a few quizzical situations and uninspiring outcomes. But with Venus escaping Neptune’s grandiose-seeming aura and entering the fiery pits of the Sun in Aries, we can all expect for our love lives to finally shine.

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Read your love horoscope by sign:


You attract love when you put your full self center stage, Aries! There’s no reason to hide behind the curtains in shame. Suppressing your inner truth will keep you from experiencing the love you desire. Focus on being unapologetically clear about who you are, and you’ll naturally attract the person you desire.


This week, it’s in your best interest to stop worrying about the outcome and just follow your instincts. If you feel that something is off about a romantic partner, trust yourself. The Sun and Venus are illuminating your inner wisdom, making it significantly easier to identify what’s real versus what’s fake. If your intuition is giving you the green light to move forward, why not go for it? YOLO!


It’s possible to find love through networking and technology, meaning it might be worth taking a few minutes to swipe on your dating apps. You may be hesitant to invest a full-on date with someone in the real world, so focus on getting to know people virtually or at a distance for now. Be brief and intentional with your approach—you’ll be surprised how well it can work.


Here’s a tip, Cancer: The clearer you become on the type of life you want to live, the easier it will be to manifest your desired partner. Your partner could very easily become attracted to you because of your ambition and willingness to charge towards your desires. Turn your focus away from seeking and allow yourself to be sought.


This may sound a bit old-fashioned, but this week looks extremely positive when it comes to meeting your partner in an intellectual environment. Consider attending a lecture or signing up for a book club—anything that allows you to increase your knowledge. Choosing to do so could help you down a path of ed-u-dating, if that’s what you’re into!


Strong partnerships are in the stars for you this week—but not necessarily the romantic kind. If you’re interested in starting up a business venture or an entrepreneurial pursuit, try switching your Bumble from “Date” to “Bizz.” Now, this isn’t a suggestion to hook up with your co-workers. Venus does more than manifest just love—consider being part of another kind of duo.


Sometimes, the love we’re yearning for is much closer than we think. If you’re already in a relationship, your love life will be much more illuminated. And if you’re single, you might find that one of your close friends can turn into a fiery romantic affair. Make sure that you’re honest with each other—you don’t want to burn each other out.


This week might include a workplace affair—scandalous! Try not to break any rules, Scorpio, but it looks like you have the potential to make a love-filled connection through a connection to your work. If you are a freelancer, you may catch someone’s eye through a collaborative project or virtual event. Don’t think too much about it, and take love one day at a time.

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Hello, this is your friendly astrologer reminding you to HAVE SAFE SEX! The Venus Cazimi will be in your house of children, so if you’re having the kind of sex that could lead to babies and you don’t want any babies right now, use birth control! On the bright side, love has the potential to make its way through creative ventures and artistic events. Stop by that virtual open mic or listen to your favorite DJ’s live set on Instagram—you never know who’ll slippy-slide in your DMs.


It looks like your family might have someone in mind for you, Cap—and this can include your extended family and family of choice. Keep an open mind, because you might be pleasantly surprised by who your loved ones introduce you to. Or you could meet a love interest by attending culturally relevant functions, so consider talking to your cousin’s friend who joined the family Zoom chat.


You’re not mincing your words during the end of March, Aquarius! In fact, you have the potential to really capture hearts with the way you articulate yourself. While you might prefer to listen and avoid the spotlight, leading with your words can attract quite a few eyes and ears. Trust that you know what you’re talking about and let your lips work their magick.


Doing what you love can do a lot more than bring you joy during this Venus Cazimi. If you take the time to focus on your values and surround yourself around people who share them, it’s very likely that sparks will fly. Don’t be shy to share your perspective—people love a confident ICON!

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