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For the past 15 months, those of us who are of dating inclination have been forced to find suitors virtually through apps. Now, Bumble is taking relationships off the screen and into real life.

Ahh, remember dating? The panic of not being able to decide what to wear. The butterflies headed to the restaurant or bar. The stomach flip that comes with accidental, skin-on-skin contact as their hand grazes past yours.

The past year has deprived most of us of these moments, and while over 10 million Australians are currently in lockdown due to the rising number of COVID cases, rest assured there are lots of these moments still to look forward to. Case in point: dating app Bumble’s new IRL all-day restaurant concept, Bumble Brew, coming to New York City at the end of July.

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The space, situated in the trendy neighbourhood of Nolita, is bright canary yellow, as is to be expected, and will feature an 80-seat dining room, cocktail bar, outdoor and private dining.

“At Bumble, we’re fueled by bringing people together to build genuine connections – both on and off the app,” says Julia Smith, Head of Brand Partnerships at Bumble.

“We’ve seen a resounding response to the Bumble Hive pop-ups we’ve hosted around the world and noticed a clear appetite for a permanent space where people could connect.”

It’s not just for aspiring couples, either.

“We hope that people can gather at Bumble Brew and connect over an espresso or delicious meal, whether it’s with friends, a potential partner, or a new business connection,” says Smith.

The menu will be Italian-inspired, featuring things like Roman-style crispy artichoke, and challenge the idea that pasta is a bad date idea with six delicious-sounding options to choose from.

As part of the app’s commitment to supporting the community, Bumble Brew will also frequently partner with a selection of charity organisations.

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