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From social posts and messages to dating bios, when it comes to speaking one’s mind, Gen Z is all about emojis. Forever up for texts over phone calls , making instant on-point conversations using the internet lingo of emoticons comes pretty naturally to them. Be it roasting their bestie real hard or sassing it up with their latest matches – for Gen Z, emojis are bae. In fact, most Tinder members agree that while some of them can’t even imagine passing the fiery first impression test without a strong emoji game, many others bank on their own emoji checklist before making that right swipe.

“For me emojis keep things super chill even in the most awkward conversations, especially when I am talking to someone I’ve just met on Tinder – YK, how small talk works. With all the first impression pressure, initial conversations are always tricky ????. So, my go-to emojis are ????? ? and if the person I am talking to uses them similar ones, then it gets way easier to vibe with them,” says 23-year-old Muskan.

“I’ve always loved using emojis, right from when the smiley face had to be created using brackets and colons aka 🙂 to now, the multiple variations that we have quick access to. They have also become so much more inclusive, that I can say so much with just a sign. On Tinder, emojis can come to be a great conversation starter. Just ask someone what their favourite emoji is or the one they dislike the most and you could end up chatting for quite a bit. Trust me, been there, done that,” adds Srijan, 21.

“When it comes to emojis, I am Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but that does not mean that I’ll swipe right for a bio or consider replying to texts which are overflowing with a gazillion inappropriate emojis. One N E E D S to know how to pick the right ones and mix them with words to make enough sense. I mean these – using ???????? in the right places makes sense. Probably very personal but what’s the deal with ???????? – totally unnecessary and uncool for a fresh start!” exclaims Aishwarya, 23.

Since emoji-ing chats up is the ultimate Gen Z dating drill, you’ve got to get them right. Here are some one-liners to help you break the ice and woo your Tinder match in an instant:

“Well, here I am ???? ????. What are your other two wishes ??”

“If you were a ?, you’d be impeccable.”

“Do you know how much does this ? weigh? Enough to break the ice! ??”

“If you were a ? you’d be acute one.”

“Titanic?. That’s my ????. Sorry not sorry ?”

“Can I ship? you a ?????”

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