Our All-Time Best #Collection of Top 10 #Dating #Tips


We’ve been so honored to share our dating and relationship advice as NoHo Arts District’s resident matchmakers and dating coach team.

This will be the last article we share on this platform as we welcome amazing, new opportunities for Stellar Hitch that will require even more of our time and commitment. 

For our bittersweet farewell, we’ve compiled a list of our 10-best game-changing dating tips and considerations that will get you a step closer to your One:

  1. Date out of your comfort zone. Trust us on this. Let go of what you think your type is; it’s too limiting. We have tons of successful love stories where one or both parties bent their rules and fell in love with someone who didn’t fit into their box.
  2. Put as much energy into your dating life as you do your career. Lazy dating, geographic limitations and just half-a**ing it will get you half-a** results. Commit to the process. It’s the only way to find quality.
  3. Ask yourself often: What kind of relationship do I want to have? Go into detail, feel the experience of being with that person, imagine what you’re doing together, talking about, laughing about…These answers will help you refine what’s truly important to you and will help you let go of what’s not.
  4. Turn your Green Light On. Look at people, smile at people, talk to people. Connect IRL. Slow down, be accessible; your light shines brightest when you play.
  5. Best question to ask (and answer) on a first date: How are you crazy? According to British philosopher and author, Alain de Botton, you might as well find out now and decide if you can live with it.
  6. First dates are wonky. Never expect perfection, always be compassionate. We are all just doing the best we can; dating is hard for everyone. Be kind. If the date was ‘good enough’, that’s a win.
  7. The person you just met has a life so don’t get upset or jump to conclusions that they’re not really interested if they’re not available to see you when you are. That’s petulant. Give someone the benefit of the doubt but pay attention to their follow-up actions. People will make time for what’s important to them.
  8. Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? There’s not a more critical time to pay attention to your image, style, fitness level, body language, posture, etc. than when you’re single. Fair or not, the way we look and carry ourselves is our most powerful calling card in dating.
  9. If you’re half-intrigued by someone, see them again. You owe it to yourself to stay open and stay the hell out of your head. Falling in love is not an analytical decision; it’s a feeling. Stop trying to figure out what you think about the person and focus on how you feel. Heart stays true, mind is a zoo.
  10. The #1 quality to look for in a relationship: do they have the skills to build? This means building a foundation (relationship), stability (consistency), intimacy (healthy communication), wealth (define this together) and family (your team). Anything less than that is just spinning your wheels and waiting for the ride to end.

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