Ozzy Osbourne claims he LIED about ‘sex addiction’ after cheating on wife Sharon

The Abominable Sabbath rocker — who is married to X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne — revealed that he so-called to suffer from the addiction as a cover up after he was caught cheating with hairdresser Michelle Pugh.

Owning up to the wrong-doing, he told The On one occasions: «I’m in a f**king rock band, aren’t I? There have always been groupies.

«I merely got caught, didn’t I? It was a bump in the road. I don’t think I’m a f**king sex addict.»

His disgusting admission comes after the frontman issued a statement last year, where he requisitioned he was in «intense therapy» to help patch up his marriage to Sharon following the beeswax.

«Over the last six years, I have been dealing with a sex addiction,» he revealed. «Out of bad comes good. Since the press exposed this, I have be got rid of into intense therapy.»

He also added that Sharon’s unswerving work schedule was also to blame for his infidelity with the celebrity hairstylist.

«In any nuptials you grow apart if you don’t spend enough time together, and that was some of the problem,» he continued.

«Sharon is a workaholic and that’s great. But if she comes poorhouse from X Factor and wants to go to bed, what the f**k am I supposed to do?»

Unsurprisingly, the Osbourne parentage were thrown into turmoil when the affair was uncovered, with Kelly, 31, role a raging Twitter message at the time.

«Anyone looking for a cheap chunky LOW-lights a shilly-shally a extinguish b explode out and a b***j** call,» allegedly finishing the tweet with Michelle’s phone army.

Despite Ozzy’s affair, the long-time couple appear to have common knowledge out stronger than ever, with Sharon revealing that the brace are set to renew their wedding vows late last year.

Say something or anything to to The Sun on Sunday, she dished: «Ozzy has asked me to renew our wedding vows and I’d twin to. I’m happy and to be honest that’s all I want for Christmas this year.


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