Pakistan blocks Tinder, other dating apps over immoral content | #tinder | #pof

Islamabad: Pakistan on Tuesday banned several other dating apps, including Tinder, for posting immoral and pornographic content. The action comes days after the government warned to ban YouTube. The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) said in a statement that action was taken against Tinder, Tagged, Scout, Grider and Se Hi after failing to remove inappropriate content. All have been urged to remove pornographic content in accordance with Pakistani laws, but no action has been taken on their behalf. After which he was banned.

Moral police action
Shahzad Ahmed, director of the digital rights group “Bytes for All”, called the PTA’s action “maintaining moral order”. Ahmed told AFP news agency that the government cannot decide which app an adult person will use or not. He called Bain completely wrong.

Thoughts for removing content
Tinder has not commented on the Pakistani action. The PTA says if companies follow the country’s laws and remove obscene content, the ban can be considered. Last week, the Telecommunications Authority also called on YouTube to immediately remove certain objectionable videos. Also warned that if not done, action will be taken against him. The government’s action is seen as an attempt to control censorship and social media. It is known that in July, Chinese social media app TikTok also received a final warning and ordered the pornographic content to be removed immediately.


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