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Michelle: Snooky is in her late 40s, single again and ready to fall in love or enter into another relationship, whichever comes first. She is asking how Tinder works, and if it would be a good place to find someone new? Well, I don’t have Tinder so I had to Google how it works. Wikipedia says Tinder is a geosocial networking and online dating application that allows users to anonymously swipe to like or dislike other profiles based on their photos, a small bio and common interests. Once two users have “matched,” they can exchange messages. Do I recommend that you use Tinder? Well, with 43 billion matches to date, Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app so you will most likely meet a lot of people, men, to be exact. Is it really a good place to look for a guy to fall in love with? Maybe. You can never tell. But with the pandemic and limitations on face to face meetings, online is the way to go be it in learning, shopping and dating.

DJ: It’s been said that 85 percent of users are actually from 18 to 34. I’m not ruling out the possibility of Snooky dating younger men. It’s just that dating apps are associated with toe-curling hook-ups. There’s data security risk, too. That’s why faking a range of attributes such as name, marital status, location, even appearance is one of its unpleasant aspects. It depends on what she’s looking for. Is it someone religious or just about anyone? Is it for fun or the ultimate possibility of being in a long-term relationship? Is it just to address an itch that needs some scratching? What about her cocktail of hormones? Will it blend well with the plenty of trial and error she’ll have to face?

M: I think it’s good that Snooky is open to trying new things like Tinder to find someone new. Sometimes, our options of meeting somebody new are limited because we run into the same circle of people, or we know their past or they know ours. The next best thing is to consider those outside your circle of friends. And what better way to widen your horizons or improve your chances of meeting someone that you like (and hopefully likes you in return) than to go the online route? We can already do virtually anything these days with just the click of a button. Want something? Search and you find it. You want to get it? Order it online and it is delivered at your doorstep. Love though is another matter altogether. Although you can search, there is no assurance that you will find love. But you can have fun along the way!

DJ: I’ve heard positive stories of friends who met their spouses on dating apps. I’m curious, though, how many swipes must a single lady do to get there? Hopefully, Snooky won’t have to dig in hectares of dirt for that speck of gold. This is the digital era and these dating apps have rules made up by the younger generation and tools that condone them. But if she’s already decided to go for some Tinder loving care, I suggest that she’ll look at it as just a tool to meet new people, with little serious expectation other than just swiping, fun and validation. Then take it from there.

M: She doesn’t have to limit herself to using Tinder. There are many dating sites and just like the lottery, the more entries she sends, the more chances of winning! So, you go, Snooky! I’m glad that you are putting yourself out there to find love or get into another relationship, whichever comes first as you said! Sometimes, you don’t immediately find love but start with a good and solid friendship. Love can even start at the most unexpected places, time or occasion. Don’t give up! As my mom said when I was turning 34 and the only girl left unmarried, “if you don’t show, you don’t sell, and if you don’t sell, you rot!” Try your luck with Tinder and who knows, it will be the start of a lovely flame that will burn bright and keep the romance in your life alive!

DJ: She is in a generation when society no longer expects women to take up knitting. I’m glad that her life is not shutting down with age but is in fact opening up. This isn’t just about dating or Tinder. Technology now plays a key role in our lives. People are now turning to devices not only to work, shop or play but to manage personal lives and relationships too. And Snooky can best savor every delicious drop of life when she is open to what can go right and to do it with her eyes still wide open.

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