If your partner is having an affair, then this is the time of week they are most likely to contact their lover – and how you can catch them out


IF your partner is having an affair, then there’s a reason why you should hate Mondays even more than usual.

Affair-seekers site Illicit Encounters has revealed the exact time of week when cheating Brits are most likely to get in touch with their lovers.

After a weekend of spending time with the family, cheaters are most likely to make contact with their bit on the side during their Monday morning commute.

In fact, between 8am and 9am on a Monday is the hour when cheats are most likely to get in touch with their lovers.

During this “golden hour”, cheaters catch up with their bit on the side after two days of radio silence, since getting in touch over the weekend is too risky.

According to Illicit Encounters, around 600 messages are sent by affair-seekers every hour.

But during the Monday morning commute, this number triples to over 1,900 messages per hour.

The next most popular time for cheaters to get in touch is between 9pm and 10pm on a Friday – just before committing to a weekend spent with the family.

Illicit Encounters spokesperson Christian Grant said: “With a wife and, possibly, children to commit to, meeting up with your secret tryst over the weekend, or even communicating with them, can often be impossible.

“You don’t have the time, and you’re likely spending plenty of time with your wife and kids all day, so the risk of your mistress’ name popping up on your phone for all to see is far too great.

“That means that Monday mornings, normally on the commute to work, are the first opportunity adulterers get to communicate with each other after a long weekend of silence.

“It also makes it incredibly difficult for anyone who suspects that their partner might be cheating on them to actually catch them out.”

However, concerned partners should know what to look out for if they want to stand a chance of exposing their significant other as a love rat.

Affair-seekers have revealed their sneakiest tactics to keep their business away from prying eyes, so you know what to look out for.

A common trick is to call their lover by a different name on their phone – usually using a name of the same gender.

For example, if your partner is having an affair with someone called Christina, then they may be sending lots of texts to a mysterious friend called Chris.

Cheats have also revealed another sneaky tactic to keep their affair secret: using a second phone to conduct their business.

If you catch your partner using a different phone, you can be sure something is up – it may even be a burner phone they use exclusively for getting in touch with their lover.

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