Pasta man wins Tinder date in viral Twitter thread | #tinder | #pof

Romance is not dead, people – as one Tinder romance has shown.

One woman, who identifies as Tilly, shared on Twitter how a man she met on popular dating app Tinder went to drastic measures to try and impress her.

If food is the way to your heart, you’ll certainly appreciate what followed.

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The “sweet man” (Tilly’s words) made a Twitter account simply to show Tilly how to make pasta from scratch – because the app platform didn’t allow him to send her photos.

On the account, which has the handle @tillytortellini, he shared a step-by-step picture tutorial of himself rolling and flattening the dough.

This was followed by a appetising looking plate of delicious homemade tortellini nicely accompanied by a side salad, glass of wine and a sweet yellow flower).

The new Twitter user, who is being dubbed “pasta man” by others on the platform, shared a selfie of himself at the end of the thread, captioned: “Step 6: win her heart”.

The internet has predictably gushed over the sweet gesture, with one person writing, “I just want to be somebody’s tilly” [sic] and another saying “Wow my heart has been captured for her”.

Even Twitter weighed in, with a representative saying they were “rooting for” the would-be couple.

And for those who want to know what happened next? It looks like the user snared a date.

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Dating app success

Given some 39% of opposite sex couples met online in 2017 (the figure is significantly higher for same sex couples), it’s no surprise we’re turning to apps and websites in order to meet a significant other.

Earlier this month, a pair of newlyweds spoke of their “perfect” wedding day, which occurred just two months after their first date.

Online dating has replaced other traditional dating methods.

For instance, the workplace romance is becoming a thing of the past, with just one in 10 couples (11%) meeting this way.

And while meeting through friends is still a popular means of meeting your future partner, it’s less common than it once was. While over a third (34%) of people met this way in 1990, it’s now just one in five (20%) according to the most recent findings.

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