We All Have Our Own Paths, Each Are Unique as a Snowflake,’ Says ‘Christian Mingle’ Director Corbin Bernsen


Former television star and director Corbin Bernsen recently spoke to CP Voice about his new film “Christian Mingle the Movie” and the message he hopes to convey through the film.

Bernsen found himself in a place before making the film where he realized that God’s plan differs for each person and this was something he wanted to communicate in the movie.

“We all have our own paths, and I think each of our paths are as unique as a snowflake, no one path is alike. We know where we go, we know what we feel, and at least where we’re headed and where our heart is,” Bernsen told CP Voice. “Too often I think one of the things that drives people away from exploring their faith, coming to Christ, coming to their faith, any faith, is there’s so many directives about how it has to be.”

“Christian Mingle the Movie” tells the story of a girl named Gwyneth, played by Lacey Chabert, who meets a Christian man on the faith-based dating website and falls in love with him, which eventually leads her to a relationship with Christ.

It features what some Christians like to call missionary dating where a Christian dates a non-believer and brings them closer to faith. Bernsen shrugged off critics during the interview who believe that missionary and online dating would not be approved by Jesus.

“God is there for all of us, I don’t care what color, what language you speak, what country you come from,” Bernsen asserted. “The God that I know is so much more powerful than the one that’s sort-of talked about in religion circles. The teachings of Christ are so much more powerful.”

Reiterating his point that believers come from all backgrounds and walks of life, Bernsen emphasized that Christians shouldn’t be made to feel like there’s an “Ikea manual” or directive on how their walk must be in order to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and asserted that if an online dating site leads them to Christ or strengthens their faith, then that should be seen as something positive in their life.

“Online dating didn’t even exist [when Jesus lived on Earth]. So how could Christ have commented on it? Somebody along the way said, ‘Oh that’s wrong.’ But it’s not. If it brings you to Christ and to the Father, what’s wrong?”

Bernsen believes some people over complicate faith and it deters others from embracing their own walk. Paul, another character in the film, almost loses out on love because he’s trying to follow rules and live by the expectations his family has laid out for him. The director hopes Paul’s view of his own personal path, which changes along the way, will encourage viewers to be true to themselves.

“I just want people to know that we all have our paths, but just accept it and be open to that,” he said.

“Christian Mingle the Movie” is available now at Christianminglethemovie.com.

source: http://www.christianpost.com/news/we-all-have-our-own-paths-each-are-unique-as-a-snowflake-says-christian-mingle-director-corbin-bernsen-133126/


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