Paul Pena Brea, Ca

Paul Patrick Pena 49 of 240 Lilac Lane Brea, CA is a known cheater, just ask his wife Veronica Pena. Even after she found out about his philandering on various websites she is still with him and chooses to place the blame on the women as if he is not culpable. What a dumb bitch, typical Mexican. He takes these women to his place of business US Hose Inc. at 1408 South Grove Street in Ontario, CA and has sex with them after hours. How tacky is that? He is also a coach of the Brea Girls Softball league. So you mothers out there, “Watch out”. He acts like a great guy, however he is just an unhappy man who doesn’t have the balls to get out of a miserable marriage. Maybe he has lost his Mexican Machismo and know he is just a pawn in his cunt of a wife’s sick (Veronica Pena) sick and twisted games

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