People with these jobs are most likely to marry each other


People who work on farms are most likely to marry those in a similar line of work, according to an analysis of U.S. Census data by the blog Pricenomics.

The site broke down 2012 American Community Survey data in its post, including by gender and specific jobs. It’s only based on married couples of the opposite sex, since data for same-sex marriages was not yet available.

There are a few variables that come into play with this analysis. Here’s an example, per Pricenomics:

The professions which are highest on the list are mostly ones where there is gender balance within the industry. Sales occupations, which ranks third on the list, are almost exactly 50% male and 50% female, making it more likely that your coworkers may be of the opposite sex.

And when the site broke it down by gender, it found that female farmers and ranchers were most likely — 57 percent — to marry within their field, so to speak.

More than half of all women farmers in a two occupation marriage are married to another farmer. Farmers are so inclined to date one another that there is are dating services, like, specifically aimed for them find each other.



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