People ‘swipe left’ after seeing new ‘Tinder’ Olympic logo | World News | #tinder | #pof

Is it an emoji, a range of shampoo, or a Tinder re-brand?

Those are some of the reactions to the logo being used to promote the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Its designers say it’s a combination of a gold medal, the Olympic and Paralympic flames, and Marianne, a symbol of the French republic.

It was unveiled on a giant screen at the Grand Rex cinema in Paris, and organisers say it “brings together the values, history and French touch that will make these Olympic Games truly special”.

Reaction on social media has been somewhat mixed, however.

“Is it the hookup Tinder Olympics or am I missing something,” one Twitter user said.

Another, also referencing the Tinder dating app, said he was “swiping left”.

The image of a woman’s face was compared to actress Jennifer Aniston, with another user saying: “I’m sure she must have guested on an episode of Friends once?”

Several people saw a determined streak, reckoning she would “like to speak to the manager”.

Twitter user Megan Clement wrote a short story, posting: “The French Olympic logo tumbles out of bed on a Parisian morning. She tousles her messy bob, dons breton stripes and ballet flats and whisks down the stairs from her fifth-floor apartment to grab a baguette before enigmatically texting two men who are pursuing her romantically.”

The lady in the logo has also been compared to the subject of a song released by Peter Sarstedt in 1969, called Where Do You Go To (My Lovely).

The song begins: “You talk like Marlene Dietrich, and you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire. Your clothes are all made by Balmain, and there’s diamonds and pearls in your hair.”

Paris 2024 organisers say the logo “embraces the shape and colour of the most beautiful medal of all to express one of the core values of sport: striving for excellence”.

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