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Here’s a scenario any guy will be able to relate to “Wow, she is simply stunning.” Perhaps this has happened to you at a social function, so the chances are that you’re bound to cross paths several times with this spectacular woman throughout the night, and like most men, you do little or nothing about it!

I’m pretty sure I’d be safe to assume that you failed to gather the courage that night to strike up a conversation, and to this day you’re probably wondering, if only I just…? Unfortunately, this simply does not cut it in the real dating world, or any world including online dating sites for that matter.

There’s a preconceived notion in dating land that men need to come up with super smooth pick up lines in order to get the girl. Well, the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of long-term and meaningful relationships start out with a simple gesture that sounds sincere. Yep, most connections start out with a simple hi or hello.

Your key ally when it comes to approaching women is your own instinct. Finding the nerve to start up a conversation with an attractive woman takes a little practice, so make sure you steel yourself for a few negative reactions along the way. Just because she doesn’t have that twinkle, or spark in her eyes once you say hello, this should not reflect anything about your own attractiveness.

There are a mile of reasons she may not show interest: She’s got a boyfriend, she’s on a girls night out to be exclusively with her friends, she’s in a bad mood, she’s gay.

So if you get a few knock backs, there’s probably a very good reason. However, the law of averages will see lady luck offering good fortune real soon, so long as you persist.

Here’s a few tips to start making things real, fantasies get you nowhere!

The Right Frame of Mind.

Feeling good is contagious. If you’re feeling great, the people near you will feel your mood. Being in a positive mind-set makes you far more approachable, yes, women approach men too you know! Send out the right signals and watch the world around you change before your very eyes.


See, we told you how easy it is to start meeting more women, so start smiling. Anyone can do it, it’s the universal signal for happiness and friendship and all this counts in the dating game. And if you prefer to take your love hunt online, make sure your singles chat profile page has a wicked photo of you with a big smile, it’ll increase your hits big time! You can practice smiling, how? Try placing a pencil between your front teeth for two minutes several times a day (I kid you not) which strengthens your zygomaticus muscle. Soon, you’ll be able to pull off a fantastic smile at will as soon as you lock eyes with a babe.

Reframe The Scenario.

Seriously, most guys use the excuse of “I can’t be bothered” or “she doesn’t look like the type to be hit on” – nonsense! Look, the guys who have this silly outlook will remain in a rut for an indefinite period of time. And the longer you’re there, the harder it is to break out of. If you see a girl you like at a social event, she’s there to interact with people, got it – so give it to her, make it your duty to offer her your company. Don’t deprive the girl of what you’re offering by standing in the corner staring at your drink.

Have Something to Say.

Have at least one funny pre-planned conversation ready. “Hey, what was your take on this week’s contentious New Yorker cover?” comes across as a little more stimulating than “So, where bouts are you from”? (boring) By putting in a little effort into your initial approach will at the very least give you something interesting to chat about – at least you broke the ice in style!

If you can work on perfecting just those tips, expect to start seeing a huge difference with the way in which you interact and approach women. Seriously!

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