Would you believe me if I said that there is a place where the married population is upwards of 50 million, while the divorce rate is as low as six per cent? Well, there is – SimNation.

Okay, so maybe SimNation isn’t a ‘real’ place, but still, six per cent? That’s astonishing!

In a recent blog post on Motherboard, Emanuel Maiberg picked up on EA’s recent statistical offering about their juggernaut life-simulator, The Sims 4, and pondered why Sims make better husbands and wives than us flesh-and-bone types.

Maiberg spoke to Rod Humble, former head of The Sims Studio, and Daniel Hiatt, senior game designer for The Sims 4. They agreed on the same thing: that the problem in a real-life marriage is the existence of a second person.

As Maiberg points out, in The Sims 4 “the other person is a series of wants, needs, and traits laid bare via progress bars, and that’s an easy relationship to manage”. In real life, our partners’ wants, needs and traits might not be so clear cut.

It makes sense that The Sims marriages tend to be more successful; in the game, marriage is a goal to be achieved – something you work towards and have total control over. It works because you make it work, and you make it work because it’s entirely up to you and you get rewarded for it.

In life, marriages can falter because they are not something you have total control over. There will always be things outside of your control that can put strain on a real-life relationship.

All this information comes from an interesting infographic that EA published on the official Sims webpage to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Sims 4.

Along with the divorce rate, the infographic contained some other pretty interesting stats, including that players had “woohoo’d” – the SFW way of referring to when Sims get busy – 235 million times.

While 235 million times seems like a huge number, when you take into account that there have been 27.5 million marriages, that’s only eight-and-a-half woohoos per marriage.


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