Plenty of Fish Experiment Day 7 (12-14-2011)


Online dating experience.


5 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish Experiment Day 7 (12-14-2011)

  1. gregthenicejerk

    Also, use okcupid (free site) and try a month or two of (pay
    site) which tends to hit the older demographic.

  2. avgrim77

    Don’t loosen your criteria it was perfectly reasonable. Don’t send that
    message. It sounds like you are looking for a “match” need to be more
    casual. Don’t sound like you’re expecting anything. Try to either be funny
    or look for something to make fun of them with. Don’t expect much online
    most women are looking for perfect. It’s not you they do that with every
    guy. Basically I found they are only interested if you’re 10 times better
    than what they normally could get in real life.

  3. Hairy Neck

    You’re not writing enough to them. Saying ‘is there a match?’ sounds like
    you cannot be bothered and you’re not really interested in her.

  4. gregthenicejerk

    Making women your favorites is pointless. It’s like giving them gifts
    because there is no value in it. A woman shows her interest by responding
    back to you and communicating with you. Also personalize the messages that
    you sent a bit. Pick out something from her profile that you noticed, like,
    or want to comment on (Positive stuff only). I don’t know what your profile
    looks like so I can’t comment on that.

  5. gregthenicejerk

    Alternate between the dating/ looking for anything or long term search
    options. And consider opening up your distance parameters by the next
    option down, but not over 50 miles (too damn long).

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