7 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish…I hate fish

  1. Deena Young

    Definitely deifferent because I take care of my kids. I don’t mind men with
    kids and as a personal preference, I believe there is a limit to what I, as
    a woman, can handle. If a man has more kids than he can afford, who am I to
    ask for him to come provide for me and my family as his own if that means
    neglecting prior responsibilities that he isn’t able to handle. Open your
    mind and realize this is based on my OPINION. It’s not a written law that I
    believe everyone should abide by… <3

  2. LoveAboveHate

    WTF,,,How is you having kids any different?….beside the fact the your
    kids probably live with you.

  3. Deena Young

    Most likely everywhere he’s not supposed to be.? lol

  4. jojo12170

    ya everytime me n my bf breakup he goes on pof i fucken hate him n pof fuck
    it all

  5. Deena Young

    lol Jill Scott?ehn…i’ll take it as a compliment haha so uhh…thanks? 🙂

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