Police arrest Udon woman involved in multi million baht Facebook scam


They say Tawanna (or Na) Traosan conned people online into transferring money in fraudulent schemes connected to Malaysia, reports Thairath.
There are expected to be at least 40 victims with the total defrauded exceeding 40 million baht.

Tawanna has initially been arrested after approaching people to open accounts that were used in the frauds that are expected to involve three “dark skinned” foreigners who are hiding abroad.

It was also found that Tawanna was wanted in connection with another fraud worth 17 million baht.

Her arrest relates to a scheme called the “Romance Scam” where random people are befriended using Facebook. A weakness or item of special interest is found in the unsuspecting new ‘friend’ with the gang then asking for help in securing money from abroad.

Investigations continue to track down all the gang members.


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