Police Women: Prostitution

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25 thoughts on “Police Women: Prostitution

  1. Marcfj

    @Hannahand4everMiley LMAO! Sorry, Hanna Banana, but my bullshit detector
    tells me that you’re an off duty cop just having some fun.

  2. Eisenkreuz RawEther

    Hoein shouldnt be a crime but pig is hot.

  3. brian behave

    consenting sex between two adults should never be a crime….

  4. Carlos Chavez

    i would suck on those titties

  5. dabaron332

    You are a child and an idiot. Considering your username is a reference to a
    show on Disney channel and you call lonely, middle-aged men “the most
    desperate scum in this world” and say they “deserve to be put away for
    life” shows just how little you actually know about this topic and how you
    completely misunderstand the issue. Now run along, you’ll miss the bus.

  6. GooseHinson

    She’s hot, but that hairdo is just ridiculous.

  7. cjlaflure


  8. Riduy

    Entrapment holds if all three conditions are fulfilled: 1. The idea for
    committing the crime came from the government agents and not from the
    person accused of the crime. 2. Government agents then persuaded or talked
    the person into committing the crime. Simply giving someone the opportunity
    to commit a crime is not the same as persuading them to commit that crime.
    3. The person was not ready and willing to commit the crime before
    interaction with the government agents.

  9. UnaFatsaUnaRasta22

    Eat a fat dick you fucking pigs. The same people enforcing the law are the
    same people who break the law when they’re not in uniform. What
    hypocritical douches. I

  10. robdavis2011

    What is up with the glasses wearing fat guy wearing a stupid mask? He looks
    more shady than the guy they arrested, Is he trying to look intimidating?

  11. Diatomus

    @Hannahand4everMiley There is so much wrong with your post that I am kind
    of lost. In most cases prostitutes are not forsed by their clients at all.

  12. Hannahand4everMiley

    @Marcfj First of all, Don’t call me that! Oh, and I’m a 16 year old girl,
    who just wants to be a singer! So you are way off! Sorry! Maybe you should
    use your “bullshit detector” on yourself, but on second though maybe not
    because you’d break it! 😛

  13. Hannahand4everMiley

    @Marcfj Yes, I do wanna “sentence men who visit prostitutes to life in
    prison”, because they deserve it! You shouldn’t have to pay for sex! That
    just shows that you are a bad person, because you see nothing wrong with
    paying for sex, and that just shows you are desperate for sex, like all
    pigs! I’m not a bimbo, you’re the bimbo, because after I ask you nicely and
    then threatened to report you, you still commented back to me! Just fuck
    off! 😛

  14. xzeliz


  15. Diatomus

    @Hannahand4everMiley It becomes just one kind of work. And they are
    obviously not foced to work there if they don’t wish to. On the contrary,
    it grows worse when it is pursued, they need a “cover” then which is
    normally a gang of outlaws and it’s then that they begin to be forsed. But
    even then in most cases it’s souteneurs who are to blame, not clients. But
    the dreadest misconseption about your post is…you think girls that were
    raped will go and be prostitutes? That’s just ridiculous.

  16. LordSlag

    You don’t think. And yes, you’re a silly manipulative asswipe. No, we don’t
    have the same mother. Then why did you start a fight? It’s obvious that
    you’re very ignorant on this subject, you should consider going back to the
    10th grade and taking Civics again. Take it easy, sister girl.

  17. LordSlag

    @caligula212 Where did you go? Is there work there? Are the women feminine
    and kind and sweet? Is pot legal?

  18. Marcfj

    @Hannahand4everMiley, You’ve already made your position quite clear. You
    want to imprison innocent males for life because you don’t happen to agree
    with their private sex practices; which, incidentally, are absolutely none
    of your business. As for the cops in this video, I can only opinion that
    they’re a bunch of creeps. After all, normal masculine males don’t care
    what other consenting adults do behind closed doors.

  19. caligula212

    @jamestiberius Its safer busting some helpless Johns there is zero risk
    .Most of them are middleclass married and terrified their wife will find
    out.This sure beats going after thieves criminals murderers and muggers,
    The cowards way of being a cop!

  20. Mob11599

    she pulled me over today for “road rage” on 95 i was in the back over her
    car for an hour and a half she let me go though at the end. man i was
    sweatin bullets there were 3 boca cops a west palm beach sheriff and a
    Florida highway patrol all there called out to the call

  21. Hannahand4everMiley

    @Marcfj I’m not either! You know just because someone knows more than you
    and you’re jealous, that doesn’t mean you call them names! I was just
    saying what I thought to the other person, not even to you! So stay out of
    things that aren’t your business if you wanna be seen as a MATURE adult!
    Which to me, you aren’t either way! 😛

  22. vixelle2147

    @jamht1972 it’s illegal dude.

  23. Hannahand4everMiley

    @darthroeluz Well that just shows how much of a pig you are! Yes, I know
    some people are addicted to sex. They should go to rehab and get some help.
    But the people who are just sluts, and just want sex for the hell of it,
    and are sleeping with people for money, and the people paying, should both
    be the ones going to prison, you shouldn’t have to pay for sex, and you
    shouldn’t make someone pay either! 😛

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