Porsha Williams’ fiancé Simon Guobadia posts ‘proof’ his wife cheated on him | #Cheating | #Cheater | #marriage


Porsha Williams is engaged to Simon Guobadia. (Image source: Instagram – @porsha4real)

The divorce between Porsha Williams’ fiancé Simon Guobadia and his estranged wife Falynn is getting uglier by the day.

Not long after Falynn Guobabia sat down for an interview claiming that her husband has been unfaithful to her, Simon Guobadia posted the so-called evidence that she had been cheating on him, which prompted him to file for divorce.

The jaded husband claims that his estranged wife had extramarital affairs, including one with her assistant, Jaylan Banks. She didn’t exactly refute the accusations during her interview on “Up and Adam Live,” but she did claim her husband was unfaithful.

Simon Guobadia then shared security camera footage of his wife’s alleged boyfriend arriving at her house, according to The Jasmine Brand, with the caption:

“When I say I have receipts of a cheating wife, this is what it looks like when Jaylan Duckworth (AKA Jaylan Banks) comes to my home on different days to sleep with my wife while I’m out of town in Miami. Wait for the video showing them coming back to my home at the end of a night out trying to avoid front door cameras. The dumb f—s forgot the security cameras cover 360 degree view of the property. You cannot come on the property without being noticed by security cameras. Smdh. There are more receipts if needed.”

Security camera footage of Falynn Guobadia’s alleged boyfriend Jaylan Banks. (Image source: Instagram – @iamsimonguobadia)

Some “RHOA” fans were not impressed with Simon Guobadia’s “receipts” of his wife’s cheating.

“Need more proof ??,” one fan wrote.

Another user quipped, “Well I hope you got better receipts ? cause this ain’t it lol.”

“I don’t see much going on in these ‘receipts’ please resubmit,” added a third fan.










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