I was contacted via Google hangouts by a man saying he was Staff Sargeant Paul Wills. That he had seen me on a single parents dating app and rather than going through the app he took a chance and sent a chat to the email address I provided. I did instantly delete the app as I was unaware my email was visible to everyone – yikes! 

Anyway I figured ok what the heck, we have been chatting for a week or so now. He seems to want all of this knowledge about my daily movements etc. I mentioned selling my car and he wanted pictures of it (did not send those) asked why and he said he just wanted to see the condition etc in case he can help. He asked for pictures of me, which I sent and I asked for pictures of him. He sent photos that were obviously taken professionally – not selfies. First red flag for me. I ran them through tineye and there were no matches that came up. 

He keeps mentioning iTunes gift cards, he is on a “secret mission” and under heavy security in Kabul. They are not allowed Webcams or cell phones etc. But other soldiers use these iTunes gift cards to make calls to their loved ones. I keep asking him to explain the process and how that would work because as far as I know you can only use them to purchase things from the I store. 

I had mentioned getting a gc for a disabled friend of mine for the local grocery store and he started asking all kinds of questions, what was the name on it etc. Wanting me to look out for an iTunes card, he wants to “try it” to see if he can hear my sweet voice. 

He has all kinds of information about me – of course I was suspicious from the beginning so I am feeding into it to see what he will do. I told him I do not have the extra money right now because of all of my medical bills. which is true, I have stage IV cancer and it kind of pisses me off that they would prey on someone like me who was just looking for friends knowing no one would enter into a relationship with someone that has an expiration date stamped on the bottom of their foot. 

I keep asking him for pictures that aren’t the stock photos and he said we would try but might get in trouble. I think I am going to keep pushing and see what he does. 

He has professed his love for me, can’t wait to be back so we can meet in person but he will only have a few weeks leave until he is sent back out on assignment etc etc.. 

I think it is a scam, was wondering if anyone else agreed. Going to toy with him for a while, maybe a long while, until he gives up because he will not get a penny from me.


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