Powerful Dating Tips

How many times have you been attracted to person and lack the confidence to get their attention? If that is you, you are reading the right post. I will show you a few tips how to win any date and get that person calling back for more. Are you ready? Here goes…

Tip 1. Fix your confidence.

Let’s face it! If you want a date you have to see yourself on one. You have to have confidence that you can. Confidence comes from within. How do you feel about yourself? If you don’t feel like a million bucks, more likely the other person is going to feel the same way too.

Here are some ways to increase your confidence and win that date! Lets start with your physical appearance. Are you comfortable with your body? If not, exercise and get toned. Attraction is first based on appearance, then personality second, and so on. So it is important to look sharp! How is your breath? Your hair? Your clothes? You get the drift? To build confidence you must do the things that make you happy and comfortable in your own skin. This confidence will radiate and attract people to you.

Tip 2. Smile.

I can not say this enough. How many times have you seen a fine woman or man walking down the street and their face look like they are sucking on sour candy? The face is a precious asset that constantly communicates with others. When the face smiles it softens the features of the body and send a message that you are not a threatening person. So practice to smile and be conscious of doing it often. When you smile, this will shape the face and eyes in an attractive way that will catch attention.

This goes back to tip 1 about confidence. When you smile, this also shows confidence that will attract any date.

Tip 3.

Start a conversation.

Say something! Just to say hello with confidence will always break the ice. This may sound very simple, but that is what you want to do – keep it simple! After saying hello, compliment the person about something that you notice about them that’s cool. Maybe it’s their clothing, or whatever. Just break the ice. Once a conversation has started, with confidence ask to meet with the person again, maybe for a cup of coffee. But whatever you do, don’t push too hard, this might spook your possible date away.

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