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Where I grew up in the Northeast not only did kids have Summer Reading Lists but THE Newspaper most were reading, The New York Times, had a Summer Books to Read suggestions and feature in their weekly Book Review section. So much of the Northeastern Seaboard is in the habit of reading during the summer time.

When I originally wrote this article, it was summertime. However, whenever you stumble upon this article, any time of year is a great time to pick up a book or two and read.  Or download the audio recording version over at Amazon and play it in your car, on the bus or train, or when you’re at the gym. Feed your mind and develop your relationship skills. Having well-honed relationships skills is what’s necessary to move from a few hot dates and a boyfriend to an actual relationship, life partner, and possibly marriage.

Just as a smart and savvy successful professional you’d work on your business, job, and career skills, right? So, too, you want to apply that ambitiousness to your love life to empower and equip yourself for life long love and not just a short-term romance that always seems to falter after a few months.

We are full swing into Summer Time!  What does that mean? It’s time for some fun summertime reading!

Whether you are headed to the beach or riding public transit – bring some of these excellent books along with you for some great self-education for Romantic Love and a more fulfilling intimate l relationship.

Just because high school summer reading list days are bygone doesn’t mean you have to give up on reading during the summer time.

The NYT New York Times, at least years ago back when I lived in the Tri-State area and used to read the Sunday NYT it was an annual feature, used to put out suggested for Adults for Summertime reading knowing that many of us brought books with us on our public transit travels and Long Island Jitney expeditions out to the Hamptons.

What a perfect time to read, when you’re stuck on a train like the Long Island Railroad or a bus like the Hampton Jitney. Just tuck a book or two into your tote and you’re good to go.

I have compiled this reading list especially for those Singles-Never Married and Divorced-Singles who are looking to get back into the swing of dating – either through online dating or internet dating sites – or through some old-fashioned ways.  Your reading through these books and doing the exercises will really help prepare you for love and for creating and attracting the great romantic relationship that YOU want and deserve.

As you read these books and do the exercises, you will find that you are better equipped to know more specifically what YOU want in a relationship and how to go get that.  So, go ahead and add these to your shopping cart and start preparing for love today!

Harville Hendrix – Getting the Love You Want

While the TITLE indicates this for already-existing couples, the ground work covered in this book as well as the workbook (they are SO inexpensive, yes, just get both of them) is the foundational work which any SINGLE will want to do to create a great romantic love relationship.  If you are SINGLE-NEVER married, do your own exercises.  If you are DIVORCED – do your exercises and do a little bit of what you think your EX would have written for THEIR exercises. If any of your divorce was bitter, try to be as neutral possible when loosely writing the part for your ex.

Here’s the workbook: I’m actually a big fan of Workbook formats of books. I also often like to start with a workbook, and then add a 3 ring notebook of loose leaf lined paper for additional writing and journaling thoughts you might have. Just, even if you like to use a notebook the entire time, often the questions format of a Workbook can prove advantageous for you to do and the price is still pretty low making it a no-brainer to add to your collection.

Harville Hendrix – Getting the Love You Want – The Workbook

For all of you folks – yup, that mean you MEN! – who learn best by DOING and who say, “Just talking about it and just let go DO it!” – you will absolutely want to get the workbook, too.   It’s less than the cost of a coffee date, so just add it to your shopping cart now and do the exercises before football season officially starts. (Or baseball or hockey season, depending upon when you actually encounter this article, right? lol)

Harville Hendrix – Keeping the Love You Find 

This is his first book specifically targeted towards singles and divorced people who are now single again, but first reading Getting the Love You Want builds the best foundation for you before you read this one.  Just buy them both at the same time and read Keeping the Love You Find NEXT weekend!

Harville Hendrix – Getting the Love You Want – Audio Companion

How long is your commute?  Me, too.  So, do you want to listen to a ton of Radio Commercials?  Or do you want to have more sex [remember, it’s married people who do so the most, despite lines from Stand Up comedians], go out on better dates and actually attract the relationship you want?  Yup.  So pop THIS into your car CD player and load it up onto your Ipod before jetting out to the gym and you are good to go! [Note 2019: Yes, originally written before Smart Phone became ubiquitous. Load it up on your phone or your Shuffle if you still have one. I loved those even though I never acquired one.]

The skill, allure and charisma it takes to create that initial spark of attraction and interest sufficient to get to a First Date is not enough to sail into a mature, adult relationship. Going on a great First Date matters so much. And when it comes to a relationship, you’ll be sharing your lives and days together, so that requires more, both knowing yourself well and understanding others well.

Don’t worry, there’s no grading on the Bell Curve, lol. This is self-paced self study to build your love relationship skills. The only pop quizzes are those which your own dating love life surface. Hopefully you simply learn something more each time and navigate your way to shore and bring your boat into the safe harbor of a long term romantic love relationship!

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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