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Even Prince Charming doesn’t give the best gifts all the time. During an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live’s  That Peter Crouch Podcast ,  Prince William  revealed the worst present he’s ever given his wife  Kate Middleton . After hosts Peter Crouch, Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce discussed bad gifts, including a tree and anorak coat, William was asked, “Can you beat a worse present than that?” “I probably can,” the Duke responded. “I did get my wife a pair of binoculars once. She’s never let me forget that.”

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Prince William (pictured in 2008) revealed that he gave Kate Middleton a pair of binoculars when they first started dating

“That was early on in the courtship that was. I think that sealed the deal, really,” William continued. “I wrapped them.” The dad of three stressed that they were “really nice” binoculars. He said, “I was trying to convince myself about it. I was like, ‘But these are really amazing, look how far you can see!’ She was looking at me going, ‘They’re binoculars, like what’s going on?’” “It didn’t go well,” William added. “Honestly I have no idea why I bought her a pair of binoculars.”

The 38-year-old royal, who appeared on the podcast in support of the Heads Up campaign, also opened up about his lockdown experience at home with Kate and their children— Prince George , seven,  Princess Charlotte , five, and  Prince Louis , two. “I found it pretty testing. I’m not going to lie,” William confessed. “Trying to keep the children engaged and interested in some sort of work. It’s been an interesting few months.”

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