Promo for Manti Te’o on Katie Couric


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21 thoughts on “Promo for Manti Te’o on Katie Couric

  1. Steve Shaha

    Jimmy Kimmel=best talk show host on the air today. ? If they weren’t going to give The Tonight Show to Conan, they should have given it to Kimmel instead of that no-talent dork Leno.

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  3. tss23818

    He has no looks? You guys sound foolish as fuck lol! Let me see pics of you? first then i’ll be the judge of that. He’s a very good looking Guy! Get over yourselves lol

  4. HappyCamperOnee

    Well I’m not gay either, but this guy has no looks at all.? Just sayin.

  5. redakdal

    not trying to sound gay, but he is? a decent guy, even if he didn’t have looks, this guy could of still got a chick no problem

  6. Big Johnson


  7. LuisLEONFC73

    How you noticed how Samoans look like? Chicanos?

  8. ckhid

    LOL? Quote about fake women in LA , hilarious.. but true

  9. Niyoush A

    LMAO “If you wanted? to date someone fake, you should have just come to LA”

  10. redakdal

    the saddest thing is that Manti Te’o was a college football QT he had money, looks, and? yet he still tried to date someone online, this guy didn’t need to try dating online, he could get what he wanted in IRL no problem

  11. Abang Sayang

    conan skit vs kimmel skit

    conan win!! next? battle…

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