Israel women trafficking soars in Israel-BBC NEWS Thursday, 26 Feb, 2009, 17:07 GMT Between 3000 and 5000 women have been smuggled into Israel in the past …



  1. Gil Blag

    yeah of course.. Its only the jews that go to brothels, not the 20% non
    jewish population.. and of course none of the Muslim countries have
    prostitutes.. or homosexuals…. Mohammed the Prophet wasnt a pedophile who
    married a nine year old.. of course not. Catholic priest dont abuse
    children and mormons dont date-rape babies.. Seriously people.. get over
    the jews already.. and also, if the jews control the media, then why is all
    the media hating on them.. doesnt make sense to me, but then again I have a

  2. edwards21416

    Gilbert blag is talking nonsense I’ve never seen anti jew media in my life
    I wouldn’t even know what it looks like, so if there is any proof of it
    post a link, plenty of anyone white media all the time that shit it
    Anti. Racism is code for anti white and we all know it ?

  3. SanFran90

    @joe80dman: Well yes, they certainly are being hypocritical. But that does
    not discount the Christian influence in the 18th century slave trade{Many
    Jews were also prominently involved, but the Christian Church really didn’t
    start complaining too much until the 1850s. In fact, for a while they
    actually advocated slavery of Africans.}

  4. TWI08

    are you aware that in VA you dont pay any tax on “income paid to holocaust

  5. DCFunBud

    Don’t tell me Israelis are abusing bats! Have they no shame?

  6. joe80dman

    SanFran90: Can’t disagree with you here. The establishment IS the
    establishment media. They would never allow any truths to be disseminated
    into each household. They’ve worked long and hard to condition the populace
    as they have. We’re becoming part Roman Empire II, and part Soviet Union
    II, and we can see the writing on the wall of what awaits us.

  7. SanFran90

    @gitanoxeniese: You’re right about that. The Israeli government is not at
    all honest for the most part, but other countries, including possibly
    America, have serious human trafficking issues as well.

  8. SanFran90

    @joed80man: The problem with the theory is, is that the History Channel
    featured it. And since they’re part of the establishment media, if they say
    stuff like ‘blacks often enslaved other blacks’ or ‘Arabs have repeatedly
    tried to destroy Israel’, can you really trust them too much? On the other
    hand, you are right in saying that corporations are enslaving us in a way.
    Just look at Wal-Mart for example……….

  9. joe80dman

    And these same hypocrites will point their fingers at Christians and wail
    about 18th Century slaves in America! And there are NO LAWS against holding
    someone against their will in Israel? Why aren’t the countries of origin in
    Eastern Europe, and Russia, doing something about this outrage? To hell
    with these Satanic freaks!

  10. ali haidari

    It is says on BBC that israel is biggest destination Of sex trafficking in
    the world. Israeli Government can stop them if they want to but they don’t
    it is a big business in that country. They do not care about the human
    rights of those people. the only democracy and the Middle East they call it
    ha ha ha shame on them

  11. ali haidari

    Scumbag Jewish motherfuckers. how dare you. We should do the same thing to
    you in Russia / Europe. probably because they hate Arian Woman.

  12. gitanoxeneise

    no doubt there is women trafficking in israel and crimes committed against
    them by jews. but this is ridiculous, how can you post something which is
    so blatantly (and crudely) trying to say “israeli jews are rapist women
    traffickers) as if isrealis or jews are any worse than any other country in
    the world. this is a global problem that is not about ethnicity or
    religion. its criminal, evil and thrives on poverty. that is what needs to
    be addressed.

  13. kwynrhys

    @wwwFamilyPrideOrg Does work. Illegalizing prostitution is the only way to
    get a handle on this. Germany has legalized prostitution, but there human
    trafficking into the sex trade has increased, whereas in Sweden they have
    illegalized it and their slavery is next to none. It is the demand that
    needs to be attacked.

  14. t4705mb6

    This is only the tiny tip of the zionist iceburg. For those who care,
    zionists now run Washington from London, Tel Aviv and other world banking
    centers. Just wait til you find out what they have in store for America!

  15. TWI08

    ho ho, very clever you are, confusing issues and point fingers won’t make
    israel any less guilty fool

  16. TWI08

    the typical racist israeli response- to blame arabs for their own crimes

  17. kwynrhys

    @ This is a non-comparative issue. Any forced human labor, forced sex trade
    is a crime.

  18. joe80dman

    SanFran90: Only 5% of whites owned slaves during the 18th, and 19th
    Centuries. Hollywood, and popular media outlets, have led us to believe
    that ALL whites were slave owners, mistreated their slaves miserably, and
    kidnapped the slaves from Africa as well. We now know that African tribes
    enslaved their adversaries, then sold them to slave-traders. Without
    question, the entire slavery debate in America has lasted too long. Many
    would prefer to foster it for their own aggrandizement.

  19. lamboclutch

    @SayeretMatkal291 what a good example! so that makes it ok then

  20. joe80dman

    SanFran90: I’m not an avid viewer of the History Channel, I’ve watched some
    of their productions. I’m surprised the History Channel would finally air
    historical fact about slavery. Most outlets prefer to to keep the debate
    one-sided. What I find most ironic, is that society today has been enslaved
    by corporate entities. Many are employed by a corporation, purchase goods
    from a corporation, their utilities are purchased from a corporation. Even
    some towns where we live have been incorporated.

  21. David M. Russell

    Israel has become a routine destination for the global trafficking of women
    and girls as young as 12 years old, noted Leonard Fein in Jewish News
    Weekly Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against
    Women in Israel says: In the wake of large scale immigration to Israel,
    links between prostitution traffickers in Israel and former Soviet
    republics. Some 3,000 to 5,000 women are brought annually into Israel and
    forced to work as sex workers. Promise bar in Tel Aviv.

  22. SanFran90

    @joe80dman: I never said that ALL whites{Jewish or Gentile} owned slaves.
    And yes, some slaveowners did treat their slaves in a humane way. Sadly,
    not all, though. But then again, the media also tells us of Africans
    enslaving other Africans, by way of the History Channel, and others. I’ve
    heard that more times from the establishment history media than I care to
    talk about. But is the whole story ever really going to be told by them? I
    don’t think so.

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