Prostitution – Social Services ?????


This is another segment from my documentary on sexual addiction in America all interviews are very candid and informative. I interviewed several prostitutes …


One thought on “Prostitution – Social Services ?????

  1. HappyHooker83

    @Unborn108 Dignity is a subjective thing. What you may found objectionable,
    someone else may find cool or even redeeming. As long as you are not doing
    anything against a person’s will, it is okay! Moral relativism is a fact,
    not religious beliefs, dogmatism/pragmatism like a pharisee. Now, if she
    doesn’t like it, that is cool. Quit. Don’t do it. But some people do it
    because they need money which is the same motivation behind why we all work
    for these crooked corps. But don’t blame an industry.

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