Rachel Ferree midland tx

Rachel Ferree talks a good game. My friend was with her and never knew what a cheater she is. She apparently cheats everywhere she goes and on everyone she is with. Personally I only know that she got chased out of her last work environment due to screwing two guys at her work. The problems? Both were married. She was engaged to be married as well. She is fat and lazy. She leaves her baby with the daddy apparent-if I were him I would definitely get that stuff checked before I had to fork over child support. Anyhow she compliments and plays stupid to get into her victims good graces. She knows how to play it too. Our friend is extremely leery of her now. We tell him not to worry though stuff always comes back to haunt these type. After all it is October so…she isn’t young pretty or a person anyone looks back and says gee I value her. So maybe she will get hers. Cheaters get cheated on so it’s all good. Just felt guys should know before they get too wrapped up. Things are not what they seem with her. She is a narcissist sociopath. God help her kid.

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