20 thoughts on “Reaction To Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax

  1. steveschall9

    Nobody gives a shit what you think you braindead hick from TN. Sorry your life sucks and you have no friends so you spend a lot of your time saying stupid and controversial things so people will watch your videos. Have ever had any HUMAN interaction with a? female? Cuz you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about and your look unathletic as hell so youve prolly never even played sports before yet you criticise all the real athletes harshly. Get a life bro


    The whole story is bizarre! What I don’t like is? there are other rumors out of NDs football program that warrant attention that involved REAL women that they are ignoring/covering up.

  3. RedElephantStampede

    Well, that’s 2 people he’s never touched, Eddie Lacy being the other…yuk? yuk yuk.

  4. bamajc777

    Yea ur right iv Ben saying the same thing (where’s the money trail?) if u have Ben with me for 3yrs &u are the love of my life Ben my rock I’m gonna spend some money on you &also during that 3yr span I’m gonna need more to hold than just a telephone tht no money trail raises a big red flag? thts like if some1 breaks into ur house kills ur wife but no money jewelry rings ect turns up missing its hard to say it was a robbery gone bad nothin is outta place no goodies are missing jus ur wife is dead

  5. marine919

    Rondo,I heard a good joke today.

    What are two things Te,O never touched?

    Answer : His girlfriend and Eddie lacy? !:

  6. boo89100

    Type this in to find out what really happened here with Te’o!? /watch?v=j7Ynjzjk2sU

  7. hoss4107

    Either way he is getting? what he wanted: media exposure.
    What’s that saying, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”.
    Good vid, Rondo!

  8. RondoGuitarDude

    that’s true, but if you do that you are paying with a card or a check. both would show? up on a bank statement.

  9. Joe Lovelace

    I think it was a hoax on his part. Im pretty sure? a D1 player at ND would have a mile line of pussy waiting on him

  10. rhino1986rh

    i hope he gets testicular cancer for using that kind of? misfortune for his benifit

  11. Ethan Stamper

    I hate that I agree with you, because normally i don’t?

  12. BigVOLdaddy

    and did you know Rondo you can call a florist and have flowers delivered and never even see a receipt….yep, sure can….so this disproves you theory…i beleive in Manti, i think Ms. Kucahucalana or whatever her name was/is? was a legit source of poontang for the Te’oster

  13. BigVOLdaddy

    im going Te’oing tomorrow night…want me to bring? you some chicks home?

  14. BigVOLdaddy

    i use to have that hat back in the early 90s…..is that? one real or is it imaginary?

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