Real women share online dating tips that work for them on Tinder, OkCupid and Hinge


Yes, we have stories of couples who fell hopelessly in love through online dating but you also have to admit that online dating is complicated. Getting into a relationship can be difficult especially when you have to swipe left or right. And once you feel that you have found the right match, you have to strike out the ones who start their conversation with ‘Yo’. We know you don’t have time to deal with all that nonsense, so we asked real women to share tips that made online dating less maddening for them.

I talk only on Tinder: ‘Most men ask me to switch to a different application like Whatsapp, but I always stick to Tinder. I make it a point to preserve my safety while trying to get to know the person as much as possible’, says Leena.

I choose the lowest mile range when it comes to distance: ‘Whether I am travelling or am home, I always want the lowest possible mile range in the distance. If I feel that my nearest matches are not suitable, I broaden my range. The idea is always to be more realistic while planning for the first date’, says Kaya.

I do some background check: ‘Once I match with a guy who is a good fit I check him out on Instagram or Facebook and send him a friend request. If the guy is hesitant to accept my request, it is a red flag that he is not genuine. I always like to make sure that I invest my time and energy in the right person before’, says Divya.

I start every conversation with ‘hey’ and their name: ‘It gets tough to come up with different intro lines with different men, so I just go with just ‘hey’ or just calling out their name. I think it shows that I noted his name and in my experience most men like being called by their names. However, it is not true when I meet someone at a lounge. I just go by saying ‘hi’ and start the conversation’, says Anita.

I start by asking about his latest passion: ‘After a long, exhausting day at work, it gets tough for me to type on a glowing screen. So I just go by one question, ‘what are you most passionate about these days?’ That way he gets a chance to be articulate, authentic, and as original as possible. And I get an idea if we could be compatible’, says Payal.

I rule out shirtless men: ‘I automatically rule out people who pose without shirt or show their pecs in a towel or a bathing suit. I don’t need a man who can impress me with a six-pack. If it did, I would just find one at the gym’, says Aditi.



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