Rebecca Martins

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Rebecca Martins

Scammer’s Country: Dubai or Singapore

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What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : okCupid

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Other Observations About The Scammer: 

This scammer is smart by giving me an illusion that she is booking a week hotel with high-end suit (cost $3k) to visit me, and she only needs me to loan her $1300 USD (buying a ticket back to US) while she is in financial emergency after lost her credit cards in Dubai. Refuse to seek help from US consulate due to he own dignity. Denied that she can get an airline ticket purchased by me online after I confirmed from Emirates airline, she claimed she got a different answer. Tried to ban above suggestions other than sending her money to her neighbor or her lawyer in Dubai. The most important observation is she uses Bible verse to criticize my attitude and Christian lost faith in people.

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

Scammer uses either SMS from KS (785) 289-8821 or SD (619) 630-8173 or yahoo messenger. Subject said she is a sale manager in KC who starts her own business and will open store in CA. Subject claim to be Christian and she is heading to visit her mom in Dubai, who needs medical attention or kidney transplant, and sell a warehouse under her name. The subject is smart enough not ask money and give an illusion that she is not scammer and she uses credit card to book a $3k worth hotel for a week to visit me at 1/7/18 and her property in Dubai worth 800k. However, her mom suddenly pass away and she can’t sell her property without trustee and she lost her bag with her US smartphone and credit cards inside. Subject asks for trust and loan her $1300 for ticket back to US. Subject ignores or bans all the suggestion that a normal person will do. Example, (1) Refuse to seek help from US consulate with reason that people work in US consulate in Dubai not speak English fluent and her own dignity (2) Denied she can checkin with ticket I purchased for her online. I called and confirmed to Emirate Airline and that should work for her. Bottomline is she wants me to send money to her laywer or her neighbor in Dubia. She uses Bible verse to criticize my faith to God as well as trust to people. The main point is we never meet and she only sent me photos and a modified video with 4 seconds (only 1 second shows her half face) and Skype for 5 seconds with no sound using neighbor PC (how can I know she is you).

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