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Reelgood’s new Swipe With Friends feature makes it easier than ever to decide what to watch as a group.

Reelgood has launched a new feature it calls Swipe With Friends. It’s like a dating app, but instead of matching people you match movies and shows. The idea is that you can use it to find what everyone in a group wants to watch.


What Is Reelgood?

Reelgood is a service available in the US and UK that collects together many free and paid streaming services—including Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+.

If you’re looking for a specific movie or show, it’s cumbersome to search every service that you’re subscribed to. That’s why Reelgood is so handy, since you can perform that search in a single place.

It’s also great for finding new things to watch thanks to its robust filtering system. You can search by genre, IMDb score, release date, and more.

It’s free to sign up to Reelgood, so check it out if it sounds appealing.

How Does Swipe With Friends Work?

reelgood swipe with friends

If you like watching things with your friends or family, you probably know the struggle of getting everyone to agree on what to put on.

That’s why Reelgood has created a new function called Swipe With Friends. It describes it as “like a dating app, but you match with movies and shows”.

Simply visit the Swipe With Friends page and use the Your Services & Filters section to edit which streaming platforms to include and your filter preferences.

Next, share the unique URL shown on the page with your friends. From there, everyone will be able to vote thumbs up or down on the movies and shows that appear.

You can see information about that media, like review scores, age rating, and running time, along with the ability to watch a trailer.

When two or more people vote positively on the same thing, it will appear within the Matches tab. The more people you invite, the more matches you will get.

And then, because this is Reelgood, once you have found a match you can easily see which platform it’s available on.

Of course, you then have the decision of filtering down everything that appears within the matches, but you could always go by the one which has the highest rating.

Knowing What’s Available to Stream

When it comes to streaming, knowing what’s out there and what everyone wants to watch is half the battle. Happily, Reelgood’s Swipe With Friends feature takes the guessing away.

That said, Reelgood isn’t the only service out there that lets you check which movies are available to stream.


How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

Streaming media is one of the coolest technological innovations of recent years. Allowing you to watch movies and television episodes from wherever you are over the internet.

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