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12 Jul 2021: ‘Tandoor’ trailer: Refreshes memory about a horrific 1995 murder case

Makers dropped the trailer for the upcoming investigative thriller Tandoor today. Loosely based on the real Tandoor murder case of 1995, the clip gives a glimpse into a horrific murder case and the suspects. The show will mark the digital debut of actress Rashami Desai. Also starring Tanuj Virwani, it will drop on the ULLU app on July 23. Here’s the trailer breakdown.

Trailer: Wife gets killed, politician husband is suspected

The trailer begins with a bald Virwani ominously saying how everyone has had eaten from a tandoor oven, but its meaning was soon going to change. We immediately understand that a body has been found from such an oven. The corpse is suspected to belong to Palak Sharma (played by Desai), wife of politician Sahil (Virwani). Sahil instantly becomes the main suspect.

Murder mystery: Beginning matches the real-life incident, what will be its ending?

We see flashbacks of Palak possibly having an extramarital affair and sequences of the Opposition party bribing individuals to speak against Sahil. So did he commit the murder, and if he did, was it because of the affair or something even murkier lies beneath? Directed by Nivedita Basu, the inception matches the real-life story. Now we’ll have to wait and find out the end.

Quote: Desai held Palak is ‘more layered than her mere appearance’

Completing the shooting in 2020, Desai had said Palak’s character was “deeper and more layered than her mere appearance.” “I want the audiences to watch Palak, feel her misery and see her short-lived journey and not just watch actor Rashami play another role.” Separately, the Inside Edge star had revealed he had locked himself in a room for days to get Sahil emote better.

Reality: This is what happened in 1995

So how did the real story end? Well, on July 2, 1995, ex-Congress youth leader Sushil Kumar Sharma had shot and murdered his wife Naina on suspicion that she was having an extramarital affair with another man. It was alleged that Sharma had then chopped up her body, and tried to dispose of her remains by putting them into a restaurant’s tandoor oven.

Information: Show captures the media craze the real case had received

Initially, he was given a death sentence but Supreme Court commuted his death sentence to life imprisonment, citing lack of evidence, in 2013. In 2018, Delhi High Court had ordered his release. Tandoor clearly focuses on the publicity the case had gotten, as the trailer depicts public outrage and media craze. The cast also includes Amit Riyan, Kamal Malik, Sonal Parihar, and Shyam Mashalkar.

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