Regina C. Johnson, Winston Salem, NC

This woman, a ‘writer’ is not only a wine drunk, but she is a thief, liar, whore, and sneaky bitch. Fellows, please watch your wallets and do not leave any money laying around. She WILL take it. She is a HORRID DRUNK and has cheated on me by seeing other guys. She posted her dating profile on SEVERAL dating sites, while also talking to men on the phone. All this is while we were dating. She was caught several times on POF, Craigslist, OurTime, and several other dating sites. Guys, i encourage you to WEAR A CONDOM. She is a VERY easy lay, if you can get past looking at her fugly face. She will put out for only a $5 bottle of wine. She knows all this is true. All you have to do is have a 10 minute conversation with her and you will also find out that she is EXTREMELY prejudice towards blacks, spanish, and other minorities.DO NOT believe a word this lady says unless you see it for yourself. On top of all this, she constantly drives around Winston-Salem, frequents wine bars and restaurants and then gets in HER vehicle and drives!! YES, DRUNK! I have seen it with my own eyes. She is also prone to blackouts as well as driving in this condition! STAY AWAY from REGINA CAIN JOHNSON from Winston-Salem—SHE IS TROUBLED!!

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