Vital Statistics:


Seeking:Long-term dating

Location:Tx, Georgia

Age:40 to 44




Appearance:Average looking

Height:5ft 6in to 5ft 8in

Hair:Black hair

Tattoos:Prefer not to say

Have Children:Teenage or older children

Tobacco Usage:Never

Drugs Usage:Never


Astrological Sign:Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Body Shape:A few extra

Weight:100 to 114

Eyes:Brown eyes

Piercings:Prefer not to say

Want Children:Prefer not to say

Alcohol Usage:Socially

Occupation:safety engineer



Reading Choice:Fantacy Sword and Sorcery

Movie Choice:I absolutely love disaster end of the world type movie

Music Choice:I love all types of music and what I listen to depends on what I’m

Email Address:    Caution SCAMMER: Do Not Contact

Biography:I am stong and I am soft, I am warm and I can be cold, I love like there is no tomorrow, I dream of the future and never the past. I can be your best friend, your greatest lover, the one you have waited for and above all true to you. In order to get next to me you have to be my friend first. I am not looking for a lover if that happens so be it. I’m not looking for a wife. I am looking for a friend. Not one night stands. If you are true to yourself you can be true to me. I flirt and I play but from there I don’t know and I don’t expect you to either. I love my freedom and I hate being alone. I want foerver but will not settle for anything less than today. I love walking in the rain and and staring at the moon, I still wish upon falling stars, and dream of that special someone who will take my breath away with just a word. I am a dreamer and a wanderer. I live hard and I love harder. I am a person of extremes. All or nothing is what I have to give. I want your mind not your body. I am friercly loyal and strangely gentle. Don’t move too fast because I will fly away.