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Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Monday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

Most of the cast of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days reunited again Monday night for part two of the tell-all special and things got heated between “Big” Ed Brown and David Murphey.

David told tell-all host Shaun Robinson that he has spent around $250,000 to $300,000 (U.S.) on his flights and travel to Ukraine to meet the women he had chosen from a catalogue and on a paid dating service over the course of about 20 years. He said he’s been to Ukraine about 20 times.

David’s fiancée Lana is still on the paid dating website and he said that she’s still on there “talking to her friends.”

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Big Ed was asked if he was “shocked” when David actually met Lana.

“I was totally shocked,” Big Ed said. “I can’t believe you finally met her. I mean, congratulations, but I’ve never been on a paid website and to me they’re scams. … It’s a business.”

“It’s a transaction. I don’t understand how you could allow yourself to torture yourself for seven years,” Big Ed said to David.

David said he didn’t have a relationship with Lana for seven years but he’s known her for seven years.

Big Ed told David that his relationship with Lana “was a job for her.”

“That’s what people don’t understand. She doesn’t get paid,” David said. “I know she’s not scamming me.”

“Listen to me, David. I don’t understand. If she’s engaged to you, that means she’s not on any more websites,” Big Ed interrupted.

“No! That’s not how it works, Ed,” David yelled.

Tom Brooks jumped in and said, “The problem is, I could go online today and start talking to her. I don’t want to but I’d be horrified if that was the case.”

David told Tom that he “probably could” talk to Lana but the people on the website are her “friends” of “eight or nine years.”

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David said that the men are “paying to be on the website by the minute to talk to” Lana.

“But David, you look like such an intelligent person,” Big Ed said. “It’s a business, this is a business.”

David said he pays to be on the websites “to avoid being scammed. And I can easily afford it. It’s not a poor man’s game.”

“But David, seven years buddy! Seven years. You’re being scammed!” Ed yelled.

David gifted Lana with an iPhone in the finale episode so that he could contact her whenever he wanted instead of using the website but he revealed she doesn’t use the phone because “it was difficult for her to manipulate the iPhone keyboard with her nails. It wasn’t comfortable for her.”

“Wait a minute, what did you just say?” Ed asked as he broke out into hysterical laughter. “Did you just say she can’t use an iPhone because of her nails? You can’t make this stuff up.”

“If you saw the show … Ed stop! You can see she doesn’t like using the iPhone on the show. Get this guy off of here! Get him out of here. He’s trying to rile me up, get him out of here,” David screamed.

“Come on David, that’s enough,” Big Ed said.

“Get this idiot off the show! I’m going to close my computer unless Ed is out of here,” David threatened.

“$300,000 and long nails. $300,000 and long nails, come on!” Big Ed said.

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90 Day Fiancé alum Caesar joined the episode to talk about his experience on the paid dating website with David.

Caesar revealed that he met his long-distance girlfriend Maria on the website, and in-person finally in Kyiv, but nothing changed their relationship.

He said they kissed a couple times but when he returned to the United States, she continued to ask him for money and he told her no.

David revealed to Caesar that he had spoken with Maria five years ago on the website for 30 minutes but thought she was too “high maintenance.”

In a confusing twist, David said that while he and Lana are now engaged, they are not currently together.

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