#relationshipscams | #dating | Drayton Valley RCMP Report: March 4 – 11

4:55 PM – Brazeau County – Hwy 22 – Report of a possible impaired driver northbound on Hwy 22. Members made patrols and located vehicle. Driver advised that he had spilled his hot tea on his lap causing him to swerve.

4:58 PM – Brazeau County – Report of an abandoned vehicle by Hwy 620 and Rg Rd 95. Member attended location. Vehicle not abandoned. Teenagers just out hiking.

5:48 PM – Drayton Valley – 50 avenue – Report of a vehicle fire. Members attended location and watched the fire department extinguish the fire. Fire caused by electrical issue.

7:02 PM – Drayton Valley – Report of a relationship fraud. Complainant reports that she was in a relationship for 4 months with subject of complaint and has given him $13,000 as a business investment. Turns out there is no business. SUI.

7:44 PM – Brazeau County – Obsidian well site – Report of suspicious male at well site. Members attended the location. Tire tracks and footprints located but no entry into the buildings made no one located in the area.

9:13 PM – Cynthia – Report of a relationship dispute. Members attended location. Nothing criminal occurred, members spoke to both parties and dispute was settled.

10:03 PM – Drayton Valley – 911 hang up. Members attended the residence. Residence was dark. Member spoke to male homeowner who advised that they did not dial 911. Based on several observations by the member it was possible that the phone was knocked off while male and female were having some joy.

10:59 PM – Drayton Valley – Burglar Alarm at Mr. Mike’s – False alarm, members did not attend.

11:38 PM – Brazeau County – Report of a structure fire at an abandoned residence. Members attended and watched the fire department put out the fire.

March 5

7:39 AM – Brazeau County – Report of a mischief to a building. Member attended location. Photos and statements taken. Investigation ongoing.

12:11 PM – Brazeau County – Report of a female walking on Rg Rd 81 with male in vehicle driving beside her. Appeared that the two were arguing. Members patrolled the area. Vehicle and subjects not located.

6:10 PM – Brazeau County – Report of an upset truck driver that is supposed to pick up some equipment. Members attended location. The truck driver had already left location. Nothing criminal occurred.

8:17 PM – Brazeau County – Hwy 22 – Complainant reporting a sliver Honda is tailgating and brake checking. Member patrolled the area with negative results.

9:17 PM – Drayton Valley – 50 Avenue – Complainant reporting they received a text message from individual stating family member is acting strange. Members attended and could hear a person yelling loudly. Once the door was opened it was clear individual was very intoxicated.

10:33 PM – Drayton Valley – 50 Avenue – 7 Eleven employee called to report that there was a customer they were having problems with. Employee advised customer that they were calling the police. Subject left the store without incident.

March 6

1:17 AM – Drayton Valley – Report from complainant that there are people outside his window, but he is too scared to look out the window. Members attended location. Complainant was very paranoid and had not slept in days due to heavy meth usage. Complainant agreed to have something to eat and go to bed.

5:40 AM – Drayton Valley – Police attended for an intoxicated male in an argument with their landlord. The male decided to walk into the middle of the street and started shouting at vehicles. Male was located and taken to his mother’s house.

11:31 AM – Drayton Valley – Report of a landlord-tenant dispute. An issue took place on the use of power to the residence. Members spoke to both people and mediated an appropriate outcome.

3:56 PM – Brazeau County – Drayton Valley RCMP responded to a cougar sighting near the ring road. Fish and Wildlife were contacted but were not able to attend. Members searched the area but could not locate the cougar.

7:16 PM – Drayton Valley – 56 Street – Complainant reporting children yelling at a residence. Member attended and spoke with occupant who advised one of the children was having a tantrum.

9:18 PM – Drayton Valley – Members attended the area of the Bakery for an abandoned 911 call. When members arrived they located a female in mental distress. The female was transported to the appropriate medical facility.

March 7

2:42 AM – Drayton Valley – Member on patrol conducted a traffic stop. Violation ticket issued for operating an unregistered vehicle.

9:06 AM – Brazeau County – Complainant reporting a black Dodge Ram just picked up a holiday trailer from a property. Member made patrols in the area, vehicle and trailer not located.

10:16 AM – Brazeau County – Stolen licence plate. Police responded to a theft of a licence plate in the area of Twp Rd 500. The plate was added to police data base as stolen. RCMP remind everyone to check to see if it’s their licence plate on the vehicle.

12:45 PM – Drayton Valley – 56 Street – Complainant reporting dog barking. Member attended and spoke with individual at the residence who was well aware they were being noisy.

1:28 PM – Brazeau County – Hwy 39 – Member on patrol conducted a traffic stop. Driver issued a violation ticket for speeding.

1:43 PM – Brazeau County – Hwy 759 – Member on patrol conducted a traffic stop. Driver issued a violation ticket for speeding.

2:01 PM – Drayton Valley – 49 Street – Complainant reporting their vehicle stolen. Lent the vehicle to a friend who has not returned it. Member spoke with complainant shortly after who advised the vehicle had been returned.

2:40 PM – Brazeau County – Complainant reporting the glass door on a home they were checking on has been broken and all the items in the residence have been gone through.

3:03 PM – Drayton Valley – 50 Street – Member on patrol conducted a traffic stop. Driver issued a violation ticket for talking on cell phone.

8:48 PM – Lodgepole – Complainant reporting an erratic driver in a semi-truck. Member patrolled the area, vehicle not located.

8:55 PM – Drayton Valley – 48 Avenue – Complainant reporting a suspicious vehicle with a possibly intoxicated male. Members attended and located vehicle, which was unoccupied.

8:57 PM – Drayton Valley – 911 open line. Member attended and spoke with occupant who advised they wanted their son removed from the residence as they were arguing. Son was cooperative and agreed to leave for the night.

9:46 PM – Drayton Valley – 43 Avenue – Complainant reporting an erratic driver in a white 2008 GMC truck is speeding. Member patrolled the area and located the vehicle at the Omniplex. Driver spoken to and warned about manner of driving.

10:53 PM – Drayton Valley – 52 Street – Complainant reporting two individuals in the lobby at apartment building buzzing every apartment number. Member attended, no one in the lobby and doors were secure.

March 8

9:53 AM – Drayton Valley – 50 Street – Complainant reporting a possible intoxicated driver in a blue Toyota Tacoma. Vehicle is swerving. Member contacted the owner of the vehicle and warned them about their manner of driving.

11:07 AM – Drayton Valley – 45 Street – Complainant reporting their ex has hacked their Snapchat account. Member advised complainant to block their account and contact Snapchat. Matter is still under investigation.

11:32 AM – Complainant called to report an alleged hit and run that occurred in Edmonton. Member assisted complainant.

1:21 PM – Drayton Valley – 46 Street – Complainant reporting a suspicious male staring inside residence. Male was wearing a black hoody that was covering their head and riding a bike.

1:51 PM – Drayton Valley – 911 hangup received from hospital. Ongoing issue as persons accidentally call 911 when trying to dial out.

6:55 PM – Drayton Valley – 49 Avenue – Complainant reporting a dispute next door. Members attended, one of the parties had left prior to arrival.

11:12 PM – Brazeau County – Member on patrol conducted a traffic stop. Several violation tickets issued to driver.

March 9

12:37 AM – Brazeau County – Complainant reporting an unwanted person. Would like them removed as they are intoxicated. Member attended and located person on the road. Provided a courtesy ride home.

9:50 AM – Drayton Valley – Town employee turned in a wallet left at the Omniplex. Owner contacted, picked up wallet.

10:32 AM – Drayton Valley – Member received information that a male was driving without a license. Driver located, member confirmed his license was suspended. Vehicle impounded for 30 days and the driver was given a court date.

11:11 AM – Drayton Valley – Member requested to assist with a student needing to go to the hospital. Assistance provided.

1:16 PM – Brazeau County – Hwy 621 – Complainant reported a suspicious black truck in the area of her residence, over the past couple days. No plate was obtained, patrols were made but the truck wasn’t located.

2:08 PM – Drayton Valley – Complainant reported a verbally aggressive male in a medical clinic, seeking information the clinic was unable to release. The suspect, who had left, was contacted and warned about his behaviour.

3:09 PM – Drayton Valley – Hwy 22/Hwy 620 – Complainant reported that her son was in a vehicle with her, was high on something, and kept trying to jump out of the vehicle when she tried to leave. Members attended. 26-year-old male was arrested and held overnight in cells and then released when sober. The male also had a warrant out of Edmonton for a minor matter which was executed.

4:20 PM – Drayton Valley – 50 Ave/50 St – Complainant called to report striking a cement barrier and knocking it over. Under investigation.

4:52 PM – Parkland County – Hwy 624 – Complainant reported a black SUV had crashed into the front of his semi and was in the ditch. Member attended, no injuries. Under investigation.

6:32 PM – Drayton Valley – Econorest – Anonymous complainant reported a female who police may be looking for was “hiding out” at the Econorest. Member attended, the female who has a warrant out of Edmonton Police was not located.

6:57 PM – Brazeau County – Twp Rd 494 – Business alarm, cancelled prior to police attendance.

March 10

1:02 AM – Brazeau County – Hwy 22/N. Sask Bridge – Member checked a black Dodge Ram pickup observed in the ditch that hadn’t been there about ten minutes earlier. Two breath samples obtained from driver resulted in results of “fail” indicating the driver was impaired. The driver was issued provincial sanctions including a driving prohibition and the truck was impounded.

8:19 AM – Drayton Valley – 53 Avenue – Complainant calling to report a male is checking vehicles. Members patrolled the area, male was not located.

8:37 AM – Drayton Valley – 53 Avenue – Complainant reporting their 2005 Toyota Tundra was stolen. Keys were in the vehicle. Members made patrols, however vehicle not located.

9:30 AM – Drayton Valley – Complainant called the RCMP Detachment from Ontario requesting member conduct a wellbeing check on their daughter.

4:04 PM – Drayton Valley – 53 Street – Complainant reporting daughter missing. Members attended several residences. Complainant called back to advise daughter had returned home.

10:40 PM – Drayton Valley – Landfill – Report of male trespassing on site. Members attended and patrolled on foot, no one located.

March 11

2:59 AM – Brazeau County – Hwy 22/Twp Rd 504 – Member on patrol conducted a traffic stop as 2 suspicious vehicles were noted to be parked very close to one another. When member approached the vehicle, they noted two individuals in one of the vehicles. Individuals asked to move along.

3:58 AM – Complainant calling to report a suspicious person trespassing. Male with a beard, a ball cap, and a backpack on a scooter is looking into the garbage areas. Male left prior to attendance.

March is Fraud Prevention Month. The following tips are provided in order to protect yourself and better recognize scams.

· Calls from unfamiliar area codes or numbers and emails from unknown senders or addresses.

· Online or over the phone requests for immediate payments or money transfers such as e transfers, gift cards etc.

· When personal or financial information is requested via text or email.

· Pre-recorded phone messages or voicemails from banks or government agencies.

· Be extra cautious when dealing with cheques from unknown parties.

· If you are unfamiliar with how cryptocurrencies work, you should avoid dealing in them.

· RCMP encourage the public to report any criminal or suspicious activity to police. Reports tell us where to look, who to look for, and where to patrol in the future.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have information regarding any of these unsolved occurrences, to contact Drayton Valley RCMP at 780-542-4456.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), online at www.P3Tips.com or by using the “P3 Tips” app available through the Apple App or Google Play Store.

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